A Moment of Junk Food Could Mean a Lifetime Trying to Lose Weight

Call it a cliché or whatever you like but that one moment on the lips could really mean a long time on the hips…and/or gut, butt etc. If society needed any further convincing that junk food is wrong on all levels, thenthis article should add more weight to the argument.

It basically reveals the results of a study whereby a group of people were asked to double their daily calorie intake for a month while another group was asked to just simply go about their lives as normal.

The first group ended up putting on some weight as could be expected, but they struggled to lose all of the weight gained as a result of eating junk food every day for a month.

According to the researchers conducting the study, it seems that even brief fast food binges may have long-term effects on a person’s physiology and their ability to lose and/or prevent further weight gain…although it’s still not clear why this happens.

Personally, I don’t think it’s important to know why junk food has this effect…what is important is to try and avoid it as much as possible. In today’s fast-paced society, convenience has become a luxury and this is where fast food companies brain-wash people into ‘believing’ that they need to visit their nearest drive-thru. The marketing and advertising certainly doesn’t help.

Resist the urge and fight back. Plan your day and organize your family’s weekly meals. Yes, I understand it’s hardly an easy thing to do but when you consider that the long-term health and wellbeing of you and your family are at stake, I’m sure you can find time to make a concerted effort to eat healthy and try your best to avoid the plague that is junk food.

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