A Nutritionist’s Opinion of Garcinia

Many of my friends and family, and to be honest, even I, sometimes jump on that ‘weight loss bandwagon’ around this time of year.

You may notice this blog is written differently to my previous articles, and is more of my personal journey.

We tend to be feeling guilty about our holiday indulgences, and go into the New Year, with high hopes and big goals. Unfortunately, as most of these goals live in the clouds, we end up losing focus and start opting for the easy way out – diet pills.

When I first heard about Garcinia, my initial reaction was – great, yet another diet pill being promoted without scientific evidence. I have always been sceptical of anything that seemed too easy or too good to be true. In my mind, diet and exercise are the only way to go - with no short cut and no easy way out.

Xtend-Life produced our Garcinia and Green Coffee Bean product as a way to ensure that our loyal customers have easy access to the best Garcinia available. We had been asked about it constantly and upon production and trial of the product, I begrudgingly volunteered to be one of the ‘guinea pigs’.

My first attempt using Garcinia and Green Coffee didn’t go all too well. I was apprehensive of the caffeine as I am highly sensitive to it, and while I didn’t notice any jitters, I did feel a little gassy. Due to my initial negative perception of the product, it was enough to turn me off taking it. End of trial.

My second attempt came a few months later, when we heard and saw of the great results our Garcinia and Green Coffee produced.

I followed the directions and took a couple of notes to monitor my progress:

Day 1: Felt slightly gassy, introduced Kiwi-Klenz
Day 4: Reduced portion sizes, appetite less than normal
Day 8: Felt more energized
Day 13: Morning run accomplished
Day 29: Went out shopping for a new outfit

Those who know me know that I live by the motto ‘everything in moderation’ and I don’t believe in totally avoiding any one particular food group or going over the top with my food choices. For the many readers I know who feel the same way, this thinking will mean the progress will be slow, but believe me it is a much healthier way to go. Garcinia helps you reduce your food portions – allowing you to still eat all the foods you love, but at a reduced portion size.

I am certainly not promoting Garcinia for all manner of weight concerns nor am I saying that Garcinia will work for everyone. What I am saying is that everyone needs something to motivate or kick-start their health goals. Weight loss does still come down to what I learnt all along - diet and exercise.

Garcinia should be a ‘walking cane’ and not a ‘wheelchair’. It can give you the momentum you need, but you should not rely on it to do all the work for you. It needs to be combined with good food habits, a quality supplement regime, and regular exercise.

As a nutritionist, I understand how many of us struggle with the difference between head knowledge and what we practice day by day. It can be hard to get out of bed and go for a run, even though we know we should; and it can be even harder to choose a salad instead of the toe-curling foods your colleagues have for lunch each day. What I will advise is to find something to kick start your New Year health plan and stick with it. For some, it is yoga with friends, for others it is a new blender, for me it is my Garcinia.

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