Avoid pesticides and harmful chemicals by growing your own produce

I really enjoy growing my own fresh produce and herbs. Not only is it a great way to ‘reap’ the health benefits of fruits and vegetables, it’s also essential to avoid ingesting potentially harmful pesticides and chemicals sometimes found in everyday produce.

Common growing methods make the following crops more susceptible to pesticides and soil-based chemicals: carrots, potatoes, strawberries, lettuce and cabbage, to name just a few.

Sure, buying organic food that has been certified by the right authorities is a good idea but some people can’t always afford the premium price that comes with the organic tag. However, many people are now growing their own organic fruits and vegetables in their own backyards – regardless of where they live.

For those of you who live in apartments without a garden, you can still grow herbs and vegetables in pots and containers of all shapes and sizes…from your windowsill to your patio, the possibilities are endless!

The relative expenses associated with growing your own produce are minimal. It’s also a fun, healthy project for the whole family and it helps get everyone outdoors...away from the TV and into the sunshine.

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