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Babies Fed DHA Fortified Formula Grow Up Smarter

An article published last year on discussed a study where researchers demonstrated that babies fed a milk formula with added DHA from fish oil showed superior cognitive development than babies consuming a milk formula without DHA.

The researchers went on to say:

"However, our results clearly suggest that feeding infants formula supplemented with high concentrations of DHA provides beneficial effects on cognitive development. Furthermore, because infants who display superior performance on the means-end problem-solving task tend to have superior IQ and vocabulary later in childhood, it's possible that the beneficial effects of DHA extend well beyond infancy."

Those of you that have read my writings before know that I'm a strong advocate for women breast-feeding their newborns if at all possible as the benefits are significant and life-long.

Therefore, in order to give your baby the best chance to grow up smart, moms who breastfeed are encouraged to supplement their diet with a safe form of DHA such as the kind you'll get in Xtend-Life's Omega-3/DHA Fish Oil or Omega 3 / DHA Plus.

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