Can Natural Medicine of the Future 'Cure' Aids?!

According to the Journal of Biological Chemistry, studies are continuing into the potential for the ability of banana lectins, the proteins that bind to sugars, also binding to HIV-infected cells and preventing their replication and transmission.

Several studies, beginning in March 2010, have also found similar anti-HIV effects from various herbs and plants like Hyssop, Pine Cone seed extracts, Pokeweed extracts, and Reishi mushrooms, for example.

Research indicates (University of Michigan) that under laboratory conditions, banana lectins bind to HIV-infected cells and basically envelope them so that they are less likely to be able to reproduce. Based on this discovery, scientists continue to work on a highly-concentrated extract version of these lectins that they say may one day be widely used to help prevent HIV transmission.

As well as Bananas, Pine Cone seeds also contain a high lignan extract that has been shown not only to inhibit HIV transmission, but also to potentially reverse the damage caused to the body by HIV-infected white blood cells. The Pokeweed plant and at least three other North American prairie plants have shown HIV-preventive effects as well. And plant sterols in general seem to protect healthy cells from being invaded by HIV. Studies are continuing.

Polysaccharides such as those found in Reishi mushroom, which is known for its powerful immune-boosting activity, is also a potential Chinese herb being researched for the treatment of HIV in the future, because it can help improve overall condition, and research is also continuing to see if it can even potentially help reverse the form of the disease.

We have used the known ability of plant sterols and polysaccharides, along with many other ingredients, in our Total Balance formula, to help in the prevention of degenerative disease. This may help to prevent degenerative infections as a start and also a basis for the above similar type of research. So this is something that is available now, and is something that we encourage healthy people to take as a help towards protection, and people with degenerative disease to take to help improve their condition. Although we don't begin to tout our Total Balance as a formula to 'cure cancer' or specifically 'prevent HIV', it is a start to build your overall general health and immunity and hence perhaps contribute towards this ongoing findings.

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