Cancer - What Is The Truth

Much has been said over the last twenty odd years about the 'War on Cancer'. I'm not going to bore you with the specifics but you are probably aware that this is a 'war' which is being lost, and will never be won unless there is a radical change in direction.

It's easy to measure that this 'war' is being lost! The statistics say it all. Cancer is more common now than it was twenty years ago.

"But, science is close to a breakthrough"... you may be thinking. What about these new cancer drugs that we hear about in the news? According to the news these drugs will do wonders? All they need to do is finish the trials... right? Hmmm... we have been seeing news items like this for the last twenty years or so, and yet none of the drugs have been universally successful.

So, why do we see news items like this for something that has not yet been successful? Simple! They are not news items but rather carefully prepared 'press releases' from public relations companies working for the drug development companies. They are designed to look like news and the media run them with no changes because it is good business for them. It doesn't cost them anything to prepare and viewers and readers like to see them, because that is what they want to believe.

Why do they do it? Because these releases are important for the companies developing these drugs! Important for funding that is... whether the funding is in the form of government grant money or increasing the perceived value of the companies stock and attracting more investors!

It is important to understand that cancer is BIG business with more people employed in the industry than those who actually have cancer. Unfortunately the drug companies will never get it right because they are trying to beat nature, by working against it rather than with it.

Nonetheless most of the men and women working in this field are genuine and believe in what they are doing and really feel that one day they will make that elusive break through.

But sadly, I doubt that it will ever happen.

Back to nature, and why that 'breakthrough' is unlikely to happen.

Remember that in the last issue of Xtend-Your-Life I explained that cancer has three stages, Initiation, Promotion and Progression. The focus of the cancer industry is at the Progression stage and this is the fundamental problem. When cancer gets to that third stage it is very, very difficult to control, let alone cure... some cancers more so than others.

OK, you are probably thinking... why don't they just concentrate on the second stage... Promotion? There is no doubt if they did, that the success rate would be much higher as the promotion stage is reasonably easy to reverse. But... they can't do that!

Why? Because in the overwhelming majority of cases the patient is completely unaware that they even have cancer during the promotion stage, as it is undetectable by all the standard tests and there are no symptoms. After initiation it can take many years for humans to get to the end stage of the promotion phase of cancer in order for the cancer cells to cluster and become clinically visible tumours.

During this promotion period (which is reversible) there is a push - pull situation going on. The outcome of this pushing and pulling depends upon the levels of 'cancer promoters' in the body versus 'anti-cancer promoters'. If the anti-cancer promoters win then the person never knows that they were developing cancers and they can live to a ripe old age, or until some other disease 'gets them'.. This is likely the case with most of us.

However, if the 'cancer promoters' win, then in time symptoms will appear, and the cancer can be detected clinically. Sadly though, it is likely by that time that the cancer has progressed to the third stage... progression, which generally ends in death.

It is at the progression stage that the drug companies are trying to do battle with nature! Admittedly the scientists at the drug companies are smart but let's face it, none of us are any match for Mother Nature, no matter how smart we think we are.

It is because they are trying to do battle on this front and at this stage that the 'war on cancer' will never be won! A fundamental radical change of direction is needed. What is this change?

In a word... PREVENTION! Or, in other words providing the knowledge so that people do not progress past the promotion stage! Or, in other words if someone has cancer and does not know it they can still live long healthy lives because the anti-cancer promoters in their bodies outnumber the cancer promoters.

Research funds should be directed into what PROMOTES cancer! It is well known what initiates cancer, so wouldn't it be great if you also knew what promotes cancer... and just as importantly what is an anti-cancer promoter? With that knowledge you could eliminate all risk of getting cancer and the 'war' would be won and cancer would be a rare disease rather than a common one such as it is.

This is technically possible... but only in an ideal world!

Because we do not live in an ideal world, sadly this will never happen. There is a reason for this... just one! MONEY. There is no profit in prevention, particularly if a significant proportion of the prevention protocols revolve around dietary changes. So who is going to fund this research? Certainly not the drug companies... or investors!

Imagine for a moment what would happen if cancer was eliminated?

There would be no cancer drugs to patent and sell at highly inflated prices. There would be no sophisticated equipment to develop, build and sell, there would be no specialty cancer surgery and there would be no need for massive support organizations to help cancer patients. Large numbers of people would be out of work, and the overall impact on the medical industry would be profound.

But, this is the real 'biggie'... the financial implications for the food industry and the follow on effects would be astronomical, particularly for the beef and dairy industry, if they were implicated in contributing to the cause of cancer.

You may be thinking that this is a pretty wild statement. But it isn't. Researchers have known for some time the prime promoters of cancer, but you won't hear about it on the TV news or read about it in the newspaper. But the evidence is out there but there are too many vested interests and powerful lobby groups to allow it to become public.

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