Chlorella...back in the headlines?

    A recent study has been published which shows more support for the suggestion that chlorella - a single-celled green algae organism - may help your body excrete mercury more efficiently. However, this isn’t breaking news.

    In fact, more than three years ago, Warren Matthews answered a question on his blog regarding chlorella and its apparent benefits. The question and Warren’s reply can be found below:

    Question: from Ada

    I wonder if you would please comment on chlorella. Is it really as wonderful as the literature leads me to believe?

    Answer: from Warren

    Chlorella is OK but it tends to be overhyped. It is not the cure that some people claim. I personally would not bother taking it because it is only covering one component of the overall nutrient spectrum that our bodies need.

    Having said that we do have a number of customers who take it in addition to our Total's fine to take it as an add-on. I just wouldn't want to rely on it as my supplement foundation.

    This principle applies to many good products, nutrients and foods. Ensure that you have a strong foundation which is a broad-based supplement such as Total Balance and an Omega 3 and then add whatever you want...within reason.

    Be sure to read what other people had to say about chlorella on Warren’s Blog.

    The abovementioned study was published in The Journal of Toxicological Sciences Vol. 35, No.1 101 – 105, 2010 and the full version can be viewed here.

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