Colds, Bugs & Immunity (Repeat of 20th November 2002 issue)

November 2004, Warren Matthews


Its that time of the year again for people living in the USA and other Northern Hemisphere countries to get bombarded with advertising for all sorts of over the counter medicines and products that claim if you take them you will avoid symptoms of colds and other 'winter' illnesses.

Its that time of the year again for people living in the USA and other Northern Hemisphere countries to get bombarded with advertising for all sorts of over the counter medicines and products that claim if you take them you will avoid symptoms of colds and other 'winter' illnesses. Thousands of people also line up at their physicians for their annual flu shot.

If you step back and think about this subject rationally you may ask yourself 'why?' Why do people get colds and the flu and seem to catch whatever 'bug' is going around? What makes winter any different to the rest of the year? (Other than it is colder!) If winter was the cause of colds why do people get colds in the summer time?

Thinking about it further, why do some people never get colds or the flu, even though they are living in the same environment? Why do some people always get the same number of colds each year? I remember one of my secretaries that worked for me for a number of years. She ALWAYS got 2 colds a year, and she knew she would before the start of each winter. Not one, not three, just the two. Reliable as clockwork!

Is it in the mind?

Do people unknowingly psyche themselves up for a cold each year? Is some of the problem in the mind? Who knows? Maybe someone does, but for now let's look at the subject from a common sense angle.

Firstly, I have difficulty understanding why so many people wait until winter to think about 'immunity'. Doesn't it make sense to sustain a high level of immunity all year round? When you develop symptoms it is too late. Sure, the over the counter drugs can help mask your symptoms but at the expense of weakening your immune system further. Likewise taking some Echinacea just prior to winter, although helpful is still only a band aid approach. What you need to do is maintain a high level of immunity ALL YEAR.

A true story...

I'm going to relate to you a true story about the subject of immunity, colds, bugs etc. It is a personal one from experience and one which I hadn't really thought much about until recently.

Two or three times a year I embark on an around the world trip to visit our associates/distributors in the US, Europe and Asia and also to do further research. My last trip was a couple of months ago in September.

Prior to leaving I decided to increase the life insurance that Xtend-Life has on me. This is to ensure that if I get 'run over by a bus' that the Company would have additional uncommitted funds to replace me with minimal financial disruption. Because of the amounts involved I had to submit to a full medical examination before the extra cover would be confirmed.

I had all the appropriate tests carried out and they all came up excellent EXCEPT for the white blood cells. These were all exceptionally low.

White blood cells consist of:

  • Neutrophils
  • Eosinophils
  • Basophils
  • Lymphocytes
  • Monocytes

Warned about flying!

Although the insurance was approved the Doctor was really concerned because my white cell count was so low. He told me that because of this I will be catching every 'bug' that was floating around. I asked him how if this was the case that I NEVER get a cold, the flu or pick up any bugs? Surely that indicates a strong immune system? He couldn't answer this, but he warned me about flying out in the next few days because I would likely get ill through traveling in the plane because of my "low immunity". He suggested that I stop taking our Total Balance because he figured that there must be something in that which is causing these low counts. The records showed that they had been going down steadily since I started using them.

I didn't take his advice although I did say I would consider suspending them for two weeks AFTER I got back from my trip.

Needless to say it got me worried so I started to do some research on white blood cells. Without going into this too deeply I'll give you the bottom line. White blood levels are an indication of infection in the blood. When your body is subject to infection your white blood cells multiply rapidly (within hours) in order to dispose of the infection. A low level of white blood cells indicate low levels of infection in your blood. (no doubt there are exceptions to this rule if a person is not healthy in all other respects)

That made me feel a bit better because it seemed to me that my low levels indicated that my immune system was good... but I was not 100% certain.

Results expected...

On my way out of the country I was fortunate enough to be able to visit DrMunem who designed our Total Balance. I explained to him what the Doctor had told me and showed him the blood results which turned out to be exactly as he expected. He explained that this proves how effective Total Balance is. The reason why my white blood cell count is so low is because the nutrients in Total Balance are keeping all infection at bay. This is why I never get colds or catch 'bugs'. He suggested that I suspend taking Total Balance for two weeks after I got back from my trip and then have another blood test. He predicted that I would find that the white blood count will go back to 'normal' as the Total Balance will not be present to dispose of the day to day infections encountered in the environment.

Because of some other commitments I had, this particular trip was much more rushed than normal. I was only away two weeks and traveled 32,000 miles and had a couple of periods in which I didn't get to bed for three days. As you would appreciate that is a lot of time in the airplane. The air quality in airplanes since they banned smoking has actually got worse because it is recirculated. So, there I was for all this time stuck in an aluminum tube with several hundred other people many of whom coughing and spluttering and obviously not well.

No sniffles... no jet lag...

As has been the case for the last couple of years I did not get jetlag, nor the slightest sniffle. Prior to a couple of years ago I would usually get a few sniffles for a day or so after a long haul flight or, perhaps not feel quite the best, but that never happens these days. I always feel great when traveling and when I get home again as well.

When I got back as suggested by DrMunem I stopped taking Total Balance for 2 weeks. At the same time my wife and a friend did the same after first having their white blood cell levels checked. Their white blood cell counts had also steadily been going down over the previous 12 months, but like me they also never catch colds or bugs. When our results came back guess what! All of our white blood cell counts were back to the normal range.

This is exactly what DrMunem had predicted. Our white blood cell count will no doubt start to go down again (which is good) as we have resumed taking the Total Balance. These tests prove that everything is functioning really well and that our immune systems are really strong. Our white blood cells are very responsive and 'standing by' in case they are needed to battle something extraordinary.

It is a good feeling when you know your immune system is in top condition. It takes away the fear of being 'stuck' somewhere with a lot of unhealthy people or worse getting caught up in some form of biological terrorism.

So, what's the bottom line?

It's not natural to get colds, flu's and catch bugs! You won't have these problems if your body is healthy and your immune system strong. Over the counter medicines don't strengthen your immunity, they just mask the symptoms and weaken your immunity further.

What about a good multivitamin/mineral tablet? Will that build up immunity? Unfortunately no! Your body needs so much more than just a basic supply of vitamin and minerals. The experience that I have just shared with you about Total Balance does not apply to a 'normal' health supplement. You must have a very wide spectrum of nutrients and more importantly you have to have an effective 'delivery' system which is lacking in 99% of general commercial supplements.

In that regard you can’t get better than Total Balance as a general health and immunity tonic.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This article refers to our first generation Total Balance. Since then we have made some major improvements in its immunity properties.

Until the next time,

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