Do You Have a Stable Foundation for Health, Happiness and Youth?

Find out the three best things you can do for yourself to help you create a stable foundation to support your overall health.

Nutritious foods, supplementation and exercise add up to a healthy life

It seems like everyone is looking for a “miracle” pill that will help you lose weight and look and feel better overnight. All of the products, sales pitches and services available can be overwhelming. In fact, the average person is exposed to “over 2000 ads a day” according to the Center for Media Literacy (ref 1), and that can take a toll on how you feel about yourself.

But if you truly want to be healthy, happy and look younger, it comes down to three, simple things: eating nutritious foods, getting the right amount of minerals and vitamins, and exercising on a regular basis.

If you focus on these three things, you will create a stable foundation that support your overall health.

What are Nutritious foods?

We know that what you eat has a huge impact on your body. Food not only gives us the energy to function, it also helps us fight off diseases. The more sugar, preservatives, and other, unnatural things that you consume, the greater the likelihood of looking older, being overweight, tired, getting sick, and having to deal with heart disease, cancer or other degenerative conditions.

Instead, why not focus on adding healthier alternatives to your diet? Look for delicious recipes with natural ingredients and less fat and calories. Create ready-to-go “snack bags” filled with cut vegetables, fruit, crackers, and other, healthy treats. This way, you’ll be less likely to grab the nearest cookie, candy bar or fast-food item.

Just start with a few, simple changes and go from there. Soon, you’ll start to see a difference in how you look and feel, and it will be much easier to “eat healthy” moving forward.

Additionally if you want to cut down on sugar, check My Daily Sugar
– this Free guide to help you reduce your daily sugar intake and carb cravings, stop out-of-control eating, while living a healthier life.

Supplements for Good Health

Multiple studies have shown that a proper intake of essential nutrients can have a major impact on your health. Nutrition is one of the most important factors for health.

If you have a hectic lifestyle with numerous responsibilities like I do, it can be very difficult to eat healthy all the time.

Plus, it’s impossible to get all of the nutrients your body needs for optimum health from food alone (ref 2).

By taking the right amount of minerals and vitamins and other important nutrients, you can improve the function of your cells and give your body the essential nutrients it’s missing. For example, Omega 3 QH Ultra contains all the goodness of Omega 3 with the addition of Kaneka QH Ubiquinol (CoQ10). Our levels of CoQ10 begin to drastically reduce from the age of 40 and they need to be replenished with supplementation.  Omega can also help you fight free radicals, improve sleep patterns, support cardiovascular functions, and much more, What important elements is your body missing right now?


If you are not exercising, you are missing out on a great way to improve your mood, lose weight, fight disease, and look and feel much younger! By building muscle strength, flexibility, stamina, and more, you help support your overall health into old age.

In addition to making your body look fit and trim, exercise helps your brain, reduces stress, gets rid of toxins, improves your sleep and sex life, and more! Whether it’s working out at the gym, running, playing tennis, gardening, golfing, or something else, add more movement to your life.


Create A Strong Foundation for Healthy Success

Just as you need three legs on a stool for it to stay upright, you need three, key things to form a solid foundation for your overall health: nutritious food, minerals and vitamins and exercise. It’s not the “overnight magic-pill,” you may be dreaming of, but if you make an effort to focus on these three things, you will look and feel younger… your entire life.

Now, what are you going to do today to improve your foundation for good health?

Please let us know here. 


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