FDA recognises some of the dangerous effects of Statin Drugs...

    The US FDA now requires the manufacturers of cholesterol lowering drugs known as statins to add warning to their labels.  This will affect the popular brands such as Lipitor, Crestor and Zocor as well as the generics.

    The reason!  The FDA has finally officially recognised what has been known for years…statin drugs can cause memory loss and more recently that they may raise levels of blood sugar and thus promote diabetes.  Some analyst’s suggest that they could contribute to around 100,000 extra cases of diabetes a year.

    The FDA does warn patients not to be scared into stopping taking their drugs “because they have been shown to significantly reduce the risk of heart attack or heart disease”.  ‘Significant’ is a debatable point as there are many groups of people who receive no benefit from these drugs at all.

    Recent studies have indicated that any benefit that may be derived from the statin drugs does not come from their ability to lower cholesterol but rather the beneficial effect on inflammation in the blood as measured by C-Reactive Protein.  Interestingly for years we have argued that C-Reactive Protein is a more important marker for heart disease than cholesterol.  This is now being gradually accepted by mainstream medicine as a fact.

    However, you can reduce the inflammation in the body by using high quality Omega 3 fish oils along with a quality multi-nutrient supplement such as our Total Balance.  My own levels of C-Reactive Protein is testimony to that.  They are at the levels of a healthy child not a 65 year old man.

    Back to the statin drugs…I wonder when the FDA will require manufacturers to put a warning on the label about the potential of impotence in men which is also common with users of this drug!

    There is some more info about this on a Reuters article which you can access by clicking here.

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