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July 2011, Xtend-Life Expert


There is a typical mistake that most people make in trying to address their digestive issues. They think that a simple probiotic yogurt or probiotic supplement is the solution. Wrong! Here's why:

Did you know that there's a good chance you may have an unbalanced digestive tract?

Now we understand you may be thinking: "Me? Surely not! I'm way healthier than most people. I eat right, exercise frequently and take nutritional supplements every day. My digestive system is fine."

This may be the case, however, having an unbalanced digestive tract is not the easiest thing to notice. In fact, an unbalanced digestive tract can play havoc with your immune system. An example can be found with undigested proteins from milk and other animal sources, unless they are completely digested before entering your blood stream, they may trigger off all sorts of health issues once in your blood.

An unbalanced digestive tract will prevent you from absorbing the maximum amount of nutrients from your food and even your supplements. It's therefore extremely important for you to ensure that your digestive tract is in good working order and the colon is clean, not only will this help improve your body's uptake of nutrients from food and supplements, it will also significantly reduce the risk of toxins entering your bloodstream.  

You probably think you're healthy but the following symptoms may indicate an imbalance in the amount of good bacteria you should have in your digestive tract:

  • Back pain
  • Bloated feeling
  • Bad breath
  • Allergies
  • Diarrhea
  • Acne
  • Smelly gas
  • Body odor
  • Colon pain
  • Prone to colds & flu
  • Lack of energy
  • Constipation
  • Heartburn
  • Weight gain
  • Skin breakouts
  • Unpredictable bowels
  • Indigestion
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

But, these are only the obvious symptoms. Others such as a compromised immune system are not so obvious.

There is a typical mistake that most people make in trying to address their digestive issues.

They think that a simple probiotic yogurt or probiotic supplement is the solution. Wrong! Here's why:

  • Good bacteria are only part of the equation for a good digestive tract.
  • Probiotics are man-made. Yes, that's right...they don't exist in nature. Probiotics could upset the balance of the good bacteria in your body. It is much better to stimulate the growth of the good bacteria and let your body do it naturally.
  • More and more studies are finding that probiotics don't live up to the claims made by their respective suppliers...all claims in the EU by probiotic manufacturers have been rejected as the science is not strong enough.
  • No one knows how much bacteria should be ingested by is a guess, and it is also unknown how many of the good bacteria is destroyed by the stomach acid.
  • There are many more strains of good bacteria than those found in a typical probiotic supplement. Does taking additional amounts upset the balance? No one knows.

The reality of it all is that digestive imbalances revolve around four key components (all of which are found within Kiwi-Klenz):

  1. Prebiotics (that's PREbiotics, NOT PRObiotics) - Prebiotics are present in nature (including kiwifruit, raw oats, raw onions and raw honey to mention just a few) and besides playing a crucial role in promoting good digestive health they have also been associated with other health benefits such as increased immune performance, improved mineral absorption, reduction in the incidence of allergies, and even increase heart health. Kiwi-Klenz is packed with natural prebiotics sourced from one of nature's best sources...the tasty NZ kiwifruit (including the skins).
  2. Soluble Fiber - It's well known that soluble fiber is vital in maintaining a balanced digestive tract. This is why it's so important to ensure you're getting enough if it daily. Kiwi-Klenz is an excellent concentrated source of soluble fiber...offering more than dried kiwifruit powder, psyllium husk and even high fiber dietary supplements.
  3. Digestive Enzymes - These food-based enzymes are natural compounds that work to break down what we eat, making it easily absorbed by our bodies. Animal protein and milk protein are extremely difficult to digest...therefore it's necessary to ensure you're getting enough of these enzymes. 
  4. Phenolic Compounds - Found predominately in the raw skins of grapes and especially kiwifruit, these natural bioactives have been shown to inhibit the growth of bad intestinal bacteria in your gut while boosting the growth of good intestinal bacteria. These compounds are not present in psyllium and almost absent in normal kiwifruit powder because of the common processing of dried kiwifruit. These phenolic compounds will be discussed in more detail in the Ingredient of the Month section of this issue.

Surely Just Eating Kiwifruit Could Give Me All These Components and Benefits?

Yes, however it's not that simple...nor is it that convenient. Just look at the following points and see why choosing Kiwi-Klenz over kiwifruit is a no-brainer:

  • One daily dose of Kiwi-Klenz is the equivalent of eating two to four whole kiwifruits. Can you imagine yourself eating this amount of kiwifruit 7 days a week, 365 days a year? Probably not...
  • By whole, we mean the skins. A significant concentration of the phenolic compounds, enzymes and other beneficial components are found in the skins...which aren't exactly the most appetizing part of the kiwifruit. One vegetarian capsule of Kiwi-Klenz daily is so much easier and convenient.
  • Kiwifruit are seasonal fruits making them expensive and hard to find when out of season. Even when they are in season, they're difficult to store in your house...not to mention the fact that has they age and ripen, the enzymes start degrading, reducing their beneficial properties. On top of this, if the kiwifruit isn't certified organic, it probably has been sprayed with chemicals and other pesticides.
  • The premium kiwifruit that goes into Kiwi-Klenz is harvested while in their prime condition. The supplement itself is actually less expensive than buying kiwifruit from your supermarket. Best of all it is stable and doesn't degrade like raw kiwifruit. All this proves that Kiwi-Klenz is by far the best, most affordable and convenient way of getting your daily dose of prebiotics, soluble fiber, digestive enzymes and phenolic compounds.

Okay, But Why Shouldn't I Just Take One of the Other Kiwi-Based Supplements Out There?

You could...but they do not contain the enzymes that are present in the fresh fruit. These are lost in the processing system. The enzymes are very sensitive to heat and Kiwi-Klenz is the only product that has developed the technology to extract the enzymes without damaging them. They also contain minimal phenolics if any at all.

You see, the processing of the kiwifruit is extremely important in order to preserve the quality and overall efficacy of the supplement...and this is where Xtend-Life is leading the way...only offering Kiwi-Klenz that is processed using the exclusive Aqua Pure(R) system, and using vegetarian capsules.

The Aqua Pure(R) system preserves the natural effectiveness and goodness of the kiwifruit. It uses only water, no chemicals or solvents, to extract and concentrate the four main components of kiwifruits to help support and aid healthy digestion.

Restore your body's digestive balance and boost good intestinal bacteria with the help of Kiwi-Klenz - the only digestion supplement of its kind anywhere.

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