Foundational Health Starts Here - A Customer Story

Recently a new customer of ours shared her excellent feedback about her experience using our Kiwi-Klenz, Omega 3 / QH Premium CoQ10 Fish Oil and Total Balance Women’s Premium and how these Core Wellness Activators have already helped her so much with her overall health.

We really love to hear feedback from our customers who experience the benefits our products are formulated to deliver. It makes us believe in our products even more and encourages our new customers to believe in our products as well. Recently a new customer of ours shared her excellent feedback about her experience using our Kiwi-Klenz, Omega 3 / QH Premium CoQ10 Fish Oil and Total Balance Women’s Premium and how these Core Wellness products have already helped her so much with her overall health.

What are the Core Wellness products?


These three products together, are what we call ‘Core Wellness’ set. Total Balance, Omega 3 Fish Oil and Kiwi-Klenz deliver all of the essential nutrients for foundational health that the body requires daily to ensure it functions in a healthy and optimal way.

Omega 3 Fish Oil provides the essential fatty acids the body requires for brain function, skin, nail and hair health. It supports the proper absorption of fat soluble vitamins, while also addressing cell health, inflammation management and more. Total Balance provides an array of essential bioavailable nutrients to support the health and function of the eleven body systems, while Kiwi-Klenz supports the health and function of the digestive system to ensure that nutrients from supplements such as Total Balance and Omega 3 Fish Oil are absorbed and utilized correctly.

The Core Wellness products work synergistically together and create an excellent ‘first step’ for anyone starting or already taking supplements. They are formulated to work alongside each other to provide the base nutrients required to support overall health for men and women at various stages of life.  

According to the US Dr Rath Research Institute, “multi-vitamins designed based on synergistically interacting components usually display better absorption”.  This is due to the individual ingredients complementing each other throughout their transit through the gastrointestinal tract and crossing the endothelium.  An example of this is how the Omega 3 Fish Oil assists with the absorption of the fat soluble vitamins D,E,K,A in the body from Total Balance. Omega fatty acids act as a transport system for fat soluble vitamins, helping with their absorption and movement through the lymphatic system of the small intestines and into the blood stream.

Digestion health a key factor in nutrient absorption

The digestive tract plays a very important role in the absorption of nutrients from supplementation and food and its function is essential for human existence. If your digestive health is out of balance then the nutrients you consume will be digested poorly, meaning a lot of this will go to waste and will be excreted by the body.   

Poor digestion can lead to many different health concerns such as, constipation, acid reflux and flatulence. This can lead to more chronic conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), leaky gut, celiac disease and ulcerative colitis as well. Due to the highly refined western diet and lifestyle factors such as stress, it is well known that many people today experience digestive concerns at some point in their lives. 

According to the American Nutrition Association, an estimated 70 million people suffer from some form of improper digestion every day. They believe this is due to the type of food we eat, how fast we eat and due to lack of digestive enzymes to breakdown the food. The classic saying, ‘you are what you eat’, is only half of the picture. We are in fact ‘what we eat and absorb’. Absorption of nutrients is vital to life and good health, and should be a focus when consuming both a well-balanced diet and quality supplementation.    

Why the Core Wellness products should be your first go to

The Core Wellness products are a powerhouse combination and together, form a convenient and effective way of nourishing the body at a cellular level and supporting optimal long-term health.

Ensuring your body has all the nutrients it needs is essential before addressing any concerns with other supplementation. Without the range of essential nutrients from the Core Wellness products, the cellular function and biochemical pathways can be compromised which may cause cell degeneration and body processes to not function optimally and efficiently. When the body’s cells are nourished with the required nutrients, this gives the body the best start and chance to restore and heal itself. In some cases this may be the only requirement needed to help you feel in tip top shape again.

Quality Supplements Not Just For Adults

CW Children

Foundational supplements aren’t just for adults; they are crucial for children too. Proper nutrient intake is essential to supporting learning, growth and development in children’s brains. Children’s cells multiply at a phenomenal rate as they grow. This is important to ensure your child is consuming a well-balanced nutritional profile and fulfilling any nutrient gaps with supplementation. This will give them the best start to a healthy future and be an excellent preventative measure for their growing bodies.

Noticeable benefits you will love

Our customer Carin from the USA has been using our Premium Core Wellness set and only after a few months has experienced some terrific results.  Her comments show that supporting your base health can have such a positive impact on your quality of life. 

“I feel like they have helped my sleep, such as going to sleep around 11 PM instead of 2 or 3 AM. Waking around 7 or 8 AM refreshed, with a lot more energy & my brain is brighter & clearer. I also wake with far less discomfort in my back, neck, feet. I do stretching exercises for 15 minutes first in the AM and it releases the rest of the stiffness fast. When I get up most of the discomfort is gone…I also noticed my hair is shinier, much softer & thicker. I feel my sense of smell is a little better. I probably have macular degeneration & I feel that my eyes are more comfortable. My skin looks smoother, softer & the spots are lighter. I am looking forward to seeing what improvements happen over the next 6 months! Thank you XtendLife!!!” 

Although benefits do vary with each customer, it is excellent to hear about Carin’s success so far. We are looking forward to seeing what other benefits she will notice from taking our Core Wellness set in the coming months. 

For additional information regarding the Core Wellness sets and to find the most suitable Core Wellness combination for you, please see this information on our site.

If you would like some advice about which Core Wellness combination is most suitable for you and your needs, please contact us at  

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