France Makes a Move to Ban Parabens!

If you are one of our customers who use our skin care products you will no doubt be familiar with parabens and the reason why we refuse to use them in our skin care products. Parabens are a potent preservative which is why they are used so widely in cosmetic and skin care products.

Those skin care products which are sold in jars would go rancid if they didn’t use them. This is because of the exposure that these products have to air. It is also the reason why we use tubes instead of jars. The problem is that in addition to being a good preservative, parabens are also endocrine disruptors which could potentially lead to cancer.

Although the evidence is not conclusive we have always taken ‘where there is smoke there may be fire’ attitude and steered well away from these ingredients.

It would seem that the evidence is compelling enough for the members of the French National Assembly to vote for the immediate ban on parabens. The vote still has to be ratified before it becomes law.

Quite interesting really as France is the source of many skin care products and cosmetics and this ban will have a significant impact on many manufacturers particularly if they make the ban effective immediately.

There is no suitable substitute if jars are continued to be used…and even in tubes there could be problems because of the long lead time from point of manufacture to the store-based consumer purchase.

By the way, if you haven’t tried our skin care products yet I would seriously recommend that you do. They are exceptionally good…and safe to use. No risk to try them! If you didn’t like them we will issue a refund.

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