Get off your Duff...

May 2010, Warren Matthews


On my blog a reader posted the following which I thought was worth sharing with you all. This is what Ms Fernandez said:

On my blog a reader posted the following which I thought was worth sharing with you all. This is what Ms Fernandez said:

Get up off your duff and walk 45 minutes a day skip weekends.

  1. Drink plenty of alkaline water.
  2. Eat fresh fruits, vegetables and cooked and steamed veggies every day.
  3. Stop buying stuff in cans, packages and boxes. Stop putting white sugar, equal splenda and sweet and low in your drinks, No soda anymore. Use cold teas.
  4. Stop with the salt. After 45 grams you are asking for trouble.
  5. Don't eat meat, poultry or fish,(2010 and beyond).
  6. Eat nuts, exotic fruit compotes, drink soymilk, make homemade bread (no yeast).
  7. Drink a warm glass of filtered water with lemon in the morning.
  8. Drink a warm glass of filtered water with Mrs. Bragg's raw apple cider vinegar.
  9. Read intelligent subject matter, twice in a while, don't watch TV. Cultivate a taste for classical music.
  10. Do good for others, stop being jealous catty gossipy, snippity, ill tempered and prejudiced. (applicable to male and females)

There now you were saying about your health? Have a wonderful day, year and life!

My response:

Hi Ms Fernandez,

Thank you for your words of wisdom as they are indeed that. I agree with everything except for #5. The reason for that is if you don't eat meat or chicken you run the risk of excess glycation. This is because you would not be getting any carnosine which is the main protector against glycation. You would also have a deficiency of B12 we well. can offset that by supplementing with our Total Balance that contains carnosine in the form of L-carnosine which is an amino acid produced by a bio-tech fermentation process so it is not from animal source.

Not eating fish is problematic once again unless you supplement with a quality fish oil. This is because you will end up being deficient in DHA as this can only come from diet and it is not available in plant sourced Omega 3s. The body cannot synthesize DHA.

Thanks again...Warren

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