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    Welcome back to the second edition of our new Health Matters newsletter where we will be sharing personal videos with you providing insightful, transparent and thoroughly researched content from Warren Matthews, founder of Xtend-Life.

    This month, as the world is in the grip of coronavirus with all the fear and panic that unfortunately many people feel, Warren discusses anecdotal evidence of natural solutions which is promising in the fight against viruses.

    A lot of things have happened in a couple of weeks since our last newsletter and the start of the lockdown in NZ due to the COVID-19. The majority of our staff have been working from home with a small skeleton crew remaining at our facility for minimal production, QA, supply chain and distribution. Our Customer Service team are all working from home as are our marketing and admin teams. We are managing quite well although there are some challenges.

    Our heart goes out to those other businesses worldwide who have been forced to close down with the resultant job losses. Hopefully, this lockdown will be over in another few weeks and those businesses can resume and rehire those who have lost their jobs. If it does, then the economic damage resulting from this pandemic will hopefully be recoverable. We have not laid off any staff and will continue to support them for as long as we can.

    There are signs in Europe with several countries that the worse may be over with a steady drop off in new cases. We have put a link to a Professor from Stanford who reviews the data. It is a very balanced and accurate assessment of what is going on with COVID-19 and you may find it interesting.

    We are naturally concerned about what is going on in both the USA and the UK with rising numbers of cases and deaths. It will almost certainly get worse before it gets better. Hopefully, it peaks within the next two to three weeks and then steadily improves like it is now doing in other countries.

    Apart from anything else you may be doing to improve your immune system try to get as much exposure as you can to sunshine. I did a video blog about this a day or so ago.

    Talking about immunity, we all know that there is no proven cure or prevention for COVID-19 whether it be pharmaceutical or nutraceutical. However, having said that, there is quite a bit of anecdotal evidence of natural solutions which is promising in the fight against viruses but as there are no formal clinical trials at this stage on COVID-19 no claims can be made... only verified stories from which people can draw their conclusions. I am going to share one with you now. It involves a family of seven in Spain who have all been diagnosed with COVID-19. They all got sick except for one of them... the Mother whom you would have thought would be the most vulnerable. It turned out that the Mother had been taking 500 mgs a day of Cyanthox which is the special ingredient that we are using also at 500mgs in the new CX8 that we announced in the last newsletter. Because she was the only one in the family who had no symptoms Puredia, who is the manufacturer of this ingredient from organic sea buckthorn grown wild on the Tibetan plateau, suggested that the rest of the family try a double dose of Cyanthox. They did, and after having been ill for 2 weeks they all showed significant improvement after just three days. Now, as I said this is not to be construed as a cure or prevention, but rather something for you to think about.

    There is the science which helps explain these results which seems to come down to the highly bioavailable flavonoids in the Cyanthox. I will explain that further in a separate video blog. I have to admit though I was delighted to learn of this story and others which support the benefits of certain flavonoids in fighting viruses. Quercetin, a flavonoid, has long been known to support lung health but what is less known is that the form of 3 Methyl-Quercetin is much more bioavailable than the normal form and this is part of the structure in the Cyanthox ingredient. So, inadvertently those customers who have their CX8 on the way for cardiovascular support will likely get an immune boost as well. The special New Zealand Blackcurrant extract that is also in CX8 and acts in synergy with the Cyanthox is further complemented by the Rutin, another flavonoid. So, if you have ordered CX8 and you are exposed to coronavirus I wish you all the best for a safe recovery and would appreciate it if you could give me any feedback.

    During this last month, we have seen an increase in our sales across the board, no doubt due to the Coronavirus. The big jumps have been with Total Balance Premium and Omega 3 QH/Ultra, and a 300% increase in both Immu-Stay and our Lung-Support Plus. These are products that we don't generally promote very much but they are still very good. Well, that brings you up to date for the moment. Take care for now, and stay safe and I will talk to you again in a couple of weeks. Oh... if you haven't done so already it would be great if you could subscribe to Beyond Health Tips on YouTube. Catch up with you later.

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    Beyond Health Tips is a twice-weekly series of videos from Warren Matthews. It combines what he's learned from his search for longevity - and the health and energy to enjoy it - with research based on verified facts. Please come and join Warren and be part of the collective journey to good health.


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    Reference: In this month’s Health Matters, Warren Matthews referenced Dr John Ioannidis of Stanford University views and perspective on the pandemic. Please find the video here


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