Health Matters Newsletter - April 2020 #2


    Hi again... well, it's been another 2 weeks of lockdown for many people throughout the world.

    Some of the rules have been sensible, some, in my opinion, have been nothing less than stupid.

    For example, people in the UK being arrested for sunbathing, which is one of the best things that you can do to protect yourself against viruses.

    I did a YouTube video on the subject of COVID-19 and sunshine last week. To support my views on immunity I found that back in 1918 during the Spanish flu pandemic there were emergency outdoor hospitals set up in the US and they would expose patients to sunlight. In one such hospital, called the Camp Brooks Open Air Hospital in Massachusetts, they found that when they exposed patients to sunlight that the mortality rate dropped from 40% to 13%.

    Not surprising!

    With the advent of modern pharmaceuticals, many of Grandma's natural remedies went out the window, along with common sense! You can see the video about sunlight listed below. Oh... whilst you are there please hit the subscribe button and if you like it share it with friends and family. I want to raise the subscriber list so it can have better coverage on YouTube. Thanks.

    During the last couple of weeks, the impact of COVID-19 has started to bite in the areas of the supply chain. We are OK with raw ingredients as we always maintain a reasonable buffer, but we are certainly being faced with challenges in getting products to our customers worldwide.

    The overwhelming majority of our customers are in the USA and there have been significant delays there. We have orders which have been sitting in LA for up to three weeks waiting for US Post to deliver, but they are having challenges because of the shortage of domestic flights.

    So, to help out our US customers we have decided that until the 20th May we will send all US orders over $60 via DHL courier and we will cover the additional cost. We sent out an email to our US customers a few days ago to let them know this, but I am repeating it here in case you didn't get the email.

    Where possible we are also using DHL for other countries if we know that there are excessive delays. We are doing this on a case by case basis as it is not practical to use DHL in some countries. We are processing all orders as usual and getting them into the system but there will be inevitable delays in some areas. So, please do not be concerned about getting your products. We will make sure that you do.

    Now, something else which we are initiating in this newsletter and following through in future ones is brief surveys. We would like to know more about our customers without being intrusive. This will help plan future product developments and other improvements.

    We are kicking it off in this issue to get a sense of what type of eating regime our customers follow, so it would be great if you could take a few moments to complete the below survey.

    Oh... talking about eating…if you are stuck at home go easy on the carbs. Many people seem to be putting on extra weight thanks to the lockdown. Just be conscious of it and do your best to still maintain some activity and don't forget to take your supplements... this is more important than ever as your organs and systems need those special nutrients to provide a good defense against external threats.

    Talk again in a couple of weeks.

    Welcome back to our second Health Matters newsletter for April.

    This month, as many people around the world, remain in lockdown, Warren Matthews, founder of Xtend-Life, discusses the link between sunshine, Vitamin D and immunity, and the extra steps we're taking to make sure your orders get delivered.

    We Would Love to Hear More from You!

    We truly value your opinion, so we are initiating quick and easy surveys that will help with future product developments and other improvements. In this newsletter issue, we would like to know the type of eating regime you follow. It would be great if you could take a few moments to fill out the survey below. Thanks:

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