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    Welcome to the first edition of our new look Health Matters newsletter.

    We'll be sharing personal videos with you providing insightful, transparent and thoroughly researched content from Warren Matthews, founder of Xtend-Life.

    This month, discover how Warren's adventures - from sailing to Thailand on a catamaran to a life-threatening experience that saw him undergo urgent open heart surgery - the positive aspect of this is that it brought him back to be heavily involved in new product development at Xtend-Life. And yes! He talks about our NEW product CX8, which he spent the last year and a half developing.

    If you are one about loyal customers who have been with us now for round 20 years, you will remember when I personally did regular newsletters and updates; but you will have also noticed that I've been pretty quiet in recent years.

    There's a good reason for that, but now I am back and I'm pretty excited about it. I have much more energy than I've had for many years and I have a lot of new information to share with you over the coming weeks and months.

    The funny thing is that none of this was planned.

    About seven years ago things were going pretty well and as I was 65 at the time I decided that I back off a bit, employed additional professional management to run the business in my absence and do some ocean sailing, which I always wanted to do. So I built a small Polynesian catamaran and set sail to Asia, with the first stop being Thailand. It was a pretty interesting experience, particularly the severe storm I got caught up in about 400 miles north of New Zealand. It was 11 days of hell.

    Over the next five years I was traveling constantly. There were a lot of good things done within the business during that period, particularly in the area of technology and systems then a year and a half ago after my 71st birthday I had a life threatening experience through a blind spot that I and most doctors overlook. I'm sharing the details of this through a video that you can find on a new product aimed in improving cardiovascular health called CX8, that I've been working on developing since September 2018 and they're just now releasing.

    I put a lot of resources into CX8 because I needed it for myself and because it works so well for me in improving my cardiovascular system - which has resulted in more energy - we're now making it available to all our customers.

    Now, why am I giving you all this background? Well over the past year and a half I have become fully immersed full time in new product development, mainly for CX8. My research for CX8 helped me discover new ingredients that are in in the final development stages that could potentially make Total Balance even better and ensure these products remain the best in the world to help support foundational health.

    As I said I'm feeling really excited at the moment as I've learned so much over the last couple of years and am keen to share it with you.

    To do this I've started a video blog called Beyond Health Tips. There is a link to this below. It'd be great if you could also subscribe to this YouTube channel which will offer two five minute video tips each week to help as a guide to make sense of the complex issues of personal health.

    The other obvious change is our newsletter format. As you can now see, it includes a personal video from me. We've also been focusing on what our customers need from our website and in making changes to the home page and improving the navigation and account section to make it easier to "set and forget" your orders and get on with enjoying your life.

    Lastly for today I feel I would be remiss if I didn't mention the coronavirus that is sweeping the world. Unfortunately, there's all a lot of misinformation on the internet about this so be selective on what you accept as truth with regard to what exactly is happening. There is one website that is 100% accurate and shows you exactly on a day-by-day basis what is going on throughout the world, so if you want to keep up to date on coronavirus, this is the site to refer to

    Hopefully the situation will improve over the coming months but unfortunately it is bound to get worse before it gets better.

    Other than the usual precautions, everyone needs to focus on their general health and immunity. Fortunately, the bulk of our customers are regular users of Total Balance and as such should be well placed to weather what we all hope will be a temporary storm.

    I'd love to hear from you, so please leave a comment in the section below with your thoughts or ideas.

    Take care for now and I'll talk again soon.


    COVID-19 Update

    With the amount of total infections in New Zealand at 205 persons with no fatalities (25th March 2020) the government has initiated a total LOCK DOWN of New Zealand to prevent the spread.

    Essential businesses are able to continue to operate under very strict guidelines. We at Xtend-Life are classified as an essential business in that we provide nutrients that help with immunity and general health.

    Even though the borders are closed to people, freight and couriers will operate across borders so we can continue to service and supply to our customers world-wide. But, there will be inevitable delays due to the reduction of freight carried by passenger aircraft which has to be taken up by the airfreight carriers.

    We appreciate your understanding during this difficult time in which we will strive to minimize any disruption to our customers.

    Thank you ... and look after yourself and your family.


    Beyond Health Tips

    Beyond Health Tips is a twice-weekly series of videos from Warren Matthews, founder of Xtend-Life. It combines what he's learned from his search for longevity - and the health and energy to enjoy it - with research based on verified facts. Please come and join Warren and be part of the collective journey to good health.



    Product Spotlight


    CX8 is the latest innovation and development from Xtend-Life. It applies the latest, strongest, and most reliable scientific data along with newly developed ingredients to address the five main causes of cardiovascular problems which not only affect the heart and the arteries, but also indirectly the brain. It's designed to:

    • Reduce calcification in the soft tissues. Calcification causes hardening of the arteries, making a heart attack more likely.
    • Improve circulation by smoothing out the inside of the blood vessels so it is harder for plaque to attach and easier for blood to flow.
    • Reduce inflammation in the blood which can restrict blood flow.
    • Increase adult stem cells to help replenish damaged cells in the cardiovascular system.
    • Rebalance cholesterol levels by increasing the "good" HDL cholesterol and reducing the "bad" LDL cholesterol and Triglycerides.


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