Health Matters Newsletter - April 2022 #1

Is 2022 the year for Heart Attacks and Strokes?

Last month I did a video talking about our new product VasQFlow, which we developed to help improve blood flow by boosting nitric oxide.

Nitric oxide dilates blood vessels, which may have a positive effect on blood pressure. Included in the formula were other ingredients with good clinical data supporting their efficacy in helping the endothelium, which is the inner lining of our arteries, produce nitric oxide. This video certainly struck a chord with many people because immediately after, we had thousands of bottles shipped out to customers worldwide.

I have to say that it was not surprising as there have been massive increases in cardiovascular events over the last year by way of heart attacks and strokes. In fact, it is unprecedented. These cardio events make up a significant proportion of all-cause mortality.

You may have seen reports from some US life insurance companies saying that in the last six months of 2021, there was an increase in all-cause mortality of 40%. This has never happened before. A 10% increase would be an anomaly, but 40% is unheard of.

The levels of all-cause mortality in the US military forces are significantly greater than this, which is also unique given the younger demographic.

Blood clotting inhibits blood flow, causing blockages and thus a cardio event, whether it be a heart attack or stroke. Some highly qualified scientists believe that this is due to increased levels of blood clotting brought on by mass treatment of otherwise healthy individuals.

Irrespective of the cause, the reality of the increased risk of cardio events are with us, and it is something that all of us should be conscious of.

Will 2022 be even worse than 2021?

According to anecdotal reports, I suspect it will be.

As many of you know, I had an issue three years ago with a calcified aortic valve which resulted in my having open-heart surgery. I never had a heart attack or pain. Fortunately, my heart and the rest of my cardiovascular system was and are in good condition. Thanks mainly to my supplement regimen, it was just the valve as I had overlooked the dangers of calcification and have since made adjustments to various products to address this.

I am not on any medication of any sort, not even an aspirin.

Some people have asked, "what is the difference between medication and my supplement regimen?"

Massive difference, medication is primarily designed to suppress the symptoms of a specific condition using synthetic molecules, whereas supplementation is purely preventative and use molecules that are natural and thus not foreign to the body.

My experience with the calcified valve certainly influenced our new product development and led to the creation of CX8 and VasQFlow.

I am using both these products along with our Omega 3 / QH Premium which as well as a unique blend of omega 3 fish oil also contains the active form of CoQ10.

Of course, I also use our Total Balance.

The feedback that we have been getting from the CX8 is great and some of it is posted on the website. Too early for the reviews on VasQFlow as yet, but I have personally noticed a difference in way of lower blood pressure.

In 2022 much of our new product development will be directed to continuing research on cardiovascular health and ensuring we are right up to date with any new scientific developments.

If new information and research come up, that could enable us to improve the efficacy of our CX8 or VasQFlow, and we will do whatever adjustments are needed.

Apart from doing the right thing for our customers, these products are essential to my health protocol, and I won't leave anything to chance.

So, if you or any of your loved ones have any concerns about cardiovascular health, look at the cardio products we have developed below.

In addition to the three products I have just mentioned, we also have GG PURE, which we developed for those who may be on a statin drug. It is designed to help negate the negative side effects of statins.

These products are unique to Xtend-Life, all produced in our facilities with no shortcuts or compromises.

So, all the best, and until next time.

Professional supplements for heart and cardiovascular health

Of the five products listed below, four of them are unique to Xtend-life and have been developed by Xtend-Life to support good cardiovascular health to reduce the risks of an unexpected cardiac events. They are all designed to be taken either individually or collectively as they are synergistic to each other. They can also be taken with any version of Total Balance as well.



A potent natural supplement to boost the levels of NITRIC OXIDE which...

  • Supports healthy blood flow
  • Supports healthy blood pressure
  • Promotes healthy sexual performance


A unique, highly advanced supplement which supports the
cardiovascular system.

  • Reduce arterial calcification
  • Support adult stem cells and circulation
  • Manage cholesterol and inflammation



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