Health Matters Newsletter - June 2022

I am only going to talk today about men's health for those getting close to 50 years of age or past it. The reason for that is the majority of men up until that time only have to be concerned with their general health so long as they have a reasonable lifestyle and diet.

In fact, most of us men think that we are 'bulletproof' until we get to the stage where we have to get up two or three times during the night to visit the bathroom. That is what happened to me.

When I was about 52 I started to occasionally have to get up during the night to do just that. These visits became more frequent over the following year, and it wasn't long before it was 2 – 3 times a night which caused a lot of disruption to my sleep. This was almost 23 years ago now, not long before I founded Xtend-Life. This issue that I was experiencing is very common in men from their late 40s and beyond and is due to an enlarged prostate. Other than cardiovascular issues which many men start to experience at that age, it is really the first obvious signs of aging. Other than this annoying issue I had no health problems.

Now, the good news.

As I mentioned this was about 23 years ago and just before I started Xtend-Life and when I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Prof. Dr. A Munem Daoud who was one of the world's most brilliant bio-scientists. Munem used to develop pharmaceutical drugs but had become disillusioned with big pharma in that they did not deal with the underlying causes of health problems but rather the suppression of symptoms.

Munem had switched from pharmaceuticals to developing natural health supplements about 20 years earlier, and he agreed to develop what would be the most advanced foundational natural supplement in the world, one specifically for women and one for men. The supplement for men had to not only address all the organs and systems in the body which is critical but also specifically the health of the prostate, and general hormonal health which translated into sexual health, another area which interests most men.

Anyway, we developed the first generation of what was to become our flagship product called Total Balance.

This is where it gets interesting. Within a year I noticed that my night-time visits to the bathroom were becoming less frequent and within two years had completely stopped and have stayed that way ever since, even though I am about to hit 75 years of age. My PSA which measures the health of the prostate is that of a young man. Some men are talked into taking a pharmaceutical drug for prostate problems, and I have heard some horror stories about that type of intervention. It is possible to handle it a lot more effectively naturally.

Now, before we get off the subject of the prostate I should mention that we have developed another two stand-alone products although they can be taken as an adjunct to Total Balance.

One is called Male Rejuvenator, and it is targeted to support overall prostate health, and the other is Prostate-Support which is a simpler product focused on those men with nighttime visit issues. So, hopefully, this is helpful for those watching who are concerned about their prostate health.

I have not touched on the other big health concern which we all face during our later decades of life…cardiovascular problems which kill more men and women than anything else. It would be a good idea to go to our website and read the material on CX8 which also includes a video of my experience with a calcified aortic valve.

Finally, we have included a link to another product which 10s of thousands of our customers take, Omega 3 / QH Premium CoQ10. Apart from the overall health benefits that omega 3 fish oil provides, this product also contains the active form of CoQ10 which is great for the cardiovascular a special form of Lycopene from tomatoes which is also really good for prostate health.

That is all for now.

Take care.

Total Balance Men's Premium

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