Health Matters Newsletter - May 2022 #2

World Hypertension Day: Learn About High Blood Pressure

Hypertension is the common term for high blood pressure and Hypotension is for low blood pressure.

Neither of these items is a disease in itself but rather a symptom of an underlying condition. If you have either of these symptoms then it is sensible to try to determine the cause of them.

Low blood pressure is a more difficult problem to diagnose and your Doctor will require a series of tests to try and figure out the cause. However, only a small proportion of people suffer from low blood pressure. However high blood pressure or hypertension is very common and it is not limited to just the western world. According to an article in the medical journal Lancet last year it is estimated that around 1.28 billion people around the globe suffer from high blood pressure.

What is considered to be high blood pressure?

 Anything over 140mmHg systolic and over 90 mmHg diastolic is considered to be hypertension.

Now, a suggestion.

If you go to your doctor and your blood pressure is taken and it is elevated don’t have a knee jerk reaction and be talked into going on a blood pressure-lowering medication immediately.

Instead, go to your local pharmacy and buy a digital blood pressure machine. A good one costs around $80. Then set up a routine to measure your own blood pressure at home or at work on a regular basis and take note of the results. You may be surprised. I have seen many people who have gone onto medication when there was no need and that has come about for two reasons.

One, is that they had what is referred to as white coat syndrome which is when visiting the doctor they are anxious and that in itself can raise blood pressure.

Also, our blood pressure can vary a lot during the day depending on our activities. For example, I may have periods in a day when I am under a lot of pressure, and my blood pressure may go as high as 160/93 and yet when I go to bed at night and have relaxed by reading for 30 minutes my blood pressure can go down to 112/67. So, be aware of these fluctuations particularly before you succumb to taking any medications.

Also, be aware that blood pressure medications do not fix the underlying problem which is the ability of your system to move blood through your cardiovascular system with the minimum resistance. Medication is a little like turning down the tap on your garden hose to reduce the pressure whereas the real objective is to make it easier for blood to flow through your system.

There are three ways to achieve that.

One is to dilate the blood vessels which is opening them up to give more space. Another is to make the walls of your blood vessels and arteries slipperier, so it is easier for the blood to pass through, and the other is to remove as much as possible any accumulated plaque in the arteries and or stop or reduce the build-up of calcium in the blood vessels.

Although I personally did not have a problem with calcium in my arteries I did have it in my aortic valve and had to have it replaced. This led to some changes in the formulation of our main product Total Balance to help reduce calcification in the cardiovascular system.

If you have concerns about hypertension it may be a good idea to have a talk to your Doctor about our VasQFlow which has been developed to help boost nitric oxide which helps dilate the blood vessels and also help in other areas of hypertension. Also, we are getting a lot of success with our CX8 in dealing with the other two aspects that I have mentioned. Both of these products are unique and we developed them because I wanted them for myself…now we have thousands of happy customers using them.

Irrespective of what you do, just be aware of the importance of keeping your blood pressure within a reasonable range.

Good luck and good health.

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