How we blend our ingredients…

    In my previous blog entry I mentioned that I would show you how we blend our ingredients to ensure that we get an even mix.  The best way to do this is to show you a video of the blender in action.  It is quite an interesting piece of equipment.  We use two of them.

    The reason why we selected this type of equipment is because ‘normal’ blenders use ‘paddles’ to mix the powders which can result in stratification, which means that heavier particles will settle to the bottom of the blender and thus cause unevenness in the mix which would account for some products are reported as either having too much of one ingredient or not enough of another.

    This type of blender does not have any baffles and relies on gravity to mix the powders.  It removes any risk of stratification.

    Because we use so many different ingredients we have a complex blending protocol.  This involves a system of blending certain groups of ingredients, then adding others at certain stages.  In some respects it is a little like baking a cake in which the order you put the ingredients in makes a difference to the end results.  This is why in the days when baking a cake was somewhat of an art, some people could bake a good cake whereas others using the same ingredients got poor results.

    Our blending protocol has been carefully established and is followed meticulously to ensure that all our ‘cakes’ are good and meet the standards.

    The short video below shows the blender in action.

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