More about PCBs in Fish Oil?

    Question: from Lexor M

    Fish oil is safe and effective. For all of you who are not into this whole fish oil media farce, here is a good alternative supplement.


    Answer: from Warren

    Hi Lexor,

    The only way to be sure that a fish oil does not have PCB contaminants is to look at a analysis of the oil by a certified laboratory.

    You need to be sure that ALL PCB's are tested for. Most companies only select seven in order to get a good reading. We test for not only the seven as required by international regulatory authorities but forty five PCB's.

    Even with all of them included the results were 2.52ppb which is less than our spec at 5ppb, (parts per billion) which in turn is significantly lower than the specification by CRN, or WHO or Californian Prop 65. Their levels are set at 90ppb. We have never seen another fish oil anywhere that can match these levels of purity.

    Here’s the full analysis of PCBs from our latest batch of oil.

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