More Evidence That You Can Boost Your Memory With Supplements

Although we've known this for quite some time, a recent study in France has given more proof that supplementing with minerals and vitamins can help improve your memory. The subjects in the study who took vitamin supplement showed better memory recall than those who were on a placebo.

It’s not surprising when you consider that the human brain, besides being the master organ, also requires the most nutrients and minerals than any other organ in the body. Deprive it of the ingredients it needs to function at its very best and the inevitable will occur.

But that’s just one aspect when it comes to preventing memory loss. Exercise is also very important…and I’m not simply talking about the grunt work that makes you sweat and sore the next day.

Think of your brain and your very own ‘mini-me’…well to some degree, it is you. To keep it healthy and working properly, it needs fuel and exercise. We’ve mentioned how important nutrients and dietary supplements are but how can you flex your brain? You can’t exactly lop off the top of your head, scoop your brain out onto a treadmill and expect it to run a 4-minute mile!

Well, did you know that just thinking keeps your brain ticking over? Puzzles, crosswords and other brain-crunching activities are excellent ways to help prevent memory loss. However, don’t forget the vital role that ingredients play. Like an elite athlete or sports car needs fuel to optimally perform, your brain needs the best possible ingredients to stay at the top of its game.

The comprehensive list of ingredients found in the Total Balance and Neuro-Naturalrange are ideal to help reduce your risk of developing memory loss or even other degenerative brain disorders like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Be sure to look out for the next issue of the Xtend-Your-Life newsletter where we’ll explain this in more detail.

If you’d like to read more about the French study mentioned earlier, please find this report by Reuters "Can vitamins help boost your memory?".

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