More than skin deep?

Question: from Grace

Right now I'm suffering from skin allergy. I'm not pretty sure, though since I haven't seen a Doctor yet. But if it is an allergy then this is my first time. I haven't had allergy before. My skin is very itchy then turns into rashes.

Also, even if I exfoliate everyday (literally) after I dried myself I still see dead skin. I stopped using lotion for almost 2 weeks now, instead I'm using virgin coconut oil but my skin is very dry still. I wanted to know if the Xtend Life lotion can help me with my skin problem. I'm 45.

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Answer: from Warren

I really think that it is worth trying our lotion and stop doing the exfoliation for a while. Also, it is important to be aware that this problem is likely to be caused by something going on inside you. It may be an allergy as you suggest but if it is a reasonably recent occurrence, it is in my opinion more likely to be a nutrient deficiency of some sort.

My suggestion would be to add our new Omega 3 / DHA Fish Oil to your daily regime at double the normal rate - 4 per day. Also add at least the Total Balance Unisex Standard or, if you can manage the extra cost, use the Premium version. The combination of these two supplements can do wonders for your skin.

If this and the skin care products don't help then you I would suggest that you have your Thyroid levels checked. If they are down this could contribute to dry skin.

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