Omega 3 fish oil may improve lung function in athletes

Many health professionals and scientists believe that inflammation is the root cause of many ailments and health conditions. Respiratory disorders are just one of them. Take a look at asthma for example.


It’s defined as a common chronic inflammatory disease of the airways. Even minute traces of inflammation in the respiratory system can prevent you from maximizing your full breathing potential – regardless if you’re relaxing at home or performing a serious bout of exercise.

For athletes, having good healthy functioning lungs is one of the main differences between success and failure. If your lungs aren’t giving your muscles enough oxygen, you’ll likely end up having a tough training session…or in competition, you’ll probably quickly forget the performance you’ve just had.

Performance enhancing drugs are often the last resort for some people, but considering the legalities involved with steroids, let alone the potential health risks. A natural health supplement seems a much safer option…

The anti-inflammatory properties of omega-3 fish oil are well known throughout the world and it seems as if there’s more evidence of this according to a new study from Germany and Iran on amateur wrestlers.

The study suggests that consuming omega-3 from a marine source like fish, can improve pulmonary function of athletes during and in post-exercise. The researchers were quoted as saying: “These data are the first to be published regarding the beneficial effects of omega-3 on athletes’ pulmonary function during participation in training programs,” Here’s the full abstract from the study.

If you’re taking our Omega 3 DHA Fish Oil or Omega 3 Plus and have felt any difference in lung function either during exercise or simple performing everyday activities, then we would love to hear your feedback.

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