One of the most dangerous places on earth

    Any ideas where this is likely to be? Perhaps in the upper reaches of the Amazon in amongst the giant anacondas and other dangerous animals? What about in the Sudan in Africa where warring factions are guilty of random and senseless killings? Maybe, parts of Iraq at the moment?

    There is no doubt that these are dangerous places but most people are unaware that there are even more dangerous places close to their own homes and there is a chance that some time in your life you may be fighting for your life in one of these places!

    Have you guessed the answer yet? I'm talking about hospitals. I would rather be in the darkest depths of the Amazon jungle than being a patient in a hospital because my odds of survival would be much higher in the jungle!

    Now, I am not going to go on about the fact that the 3rd biggest cause of death is the medical profession. You have probably heard this before anyway. If you haven't, please read an article I wrote on this subject supported by data published in the JOURNAL of the AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION (JAMA) Vol 284, No 4, July 26th 2000. To find the article go to our website and click on the archives for Xtend-Your-Life, Issue 9th Feb 2002.

    What I wanted to do today is refer you to a couple of articles that I think you should read if you are concerned about your own safety and that of your loved ones. Almost all of us are faced with at least one of the two situations that these two articles deal with.

    Involuntary Euthanasia?

    The first article is one written by Miss Mary Therese Helmueller, who lives and works in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. She is a registered nurse with fifteen years of experience in emergency and critical care. Her article is quite thought provoking with the gist of it suggesting wide spread involuntary Euthanasia being practiced in hospitals around the nation. I am sure most people can recall instances where either their own elderly relatives or relatives of friends have died in hospital after being admitted for some minor procedure so this article may 'strike a chord' with you.

    Please read this article because it will just help you be more vigilant should you be faced with a similar situation to some of the cases referred to in the article. Her article is published on but we have reproduced it for your convenience and you can access it by clicking here.

    The other article which I would like you to read is written by Eve Hillary who is a Health Reform Advocate, a Health Professional and Medical Analyst. Her website is  (Site no longer online, Sept. '09)

    This thrust of this article is to bring to the public's attention the increasing number of competent Physicians who are being deregistered because they are not following the 'official line' in prescribing poisonous drugs to their patients. Instead they have the 'nerve' to try and deal with the root cause of the ailment and they prescribe natural supplements, correct nutrition and various other age old, and new natural methods to help their patients.

    Unfair Deregistration...

    In this article Eve relates the recent story of a caring and competent Doctor who acted as a witness in a court proceeding, to try and help the parents of an 11 year old girl who had cancer. This young girl was being forced against her wishes and her parent's wishes by the authorities to have chemotherapy. This Doctor was treating the girl and she was responding well when the authorities were successful in obtaining a court order and forcing her admission to hospital and undergoing a course of chemo.

    From that point on her condition deteriorated and some months later she died at the age of 13. The Doctor was deregistered for supporting the parents in court to prevent the chemo treatment. There is more to this story but I can't tell it as well as Eve, so please read the article which you can access by clicking here.

    If you get the impression that these sorts of things really annoy me, you are right. I get quite upset about these issues because when you get right down to the core of many of them you will find that so many decisions are being made, not with the best interests of the patient in mind, but as a result of financial interests. I could expand on that but I think that you know what I am talking about.

    Oh... you could be thinking... "It's OK for me to be saying that, because I obviously have an interest in preventive health because my business involves selling supplements!" True, I can't deny that but I should say that I am not in this business for the money. Prior to my son and I founding Xtend-Life I was involved in import/export/investments/property development and developing and building ocean going yachts. I could be doing many more profitable things than I am doing today but I do not find any satisfaction in just making money.

    I get a 'kick' from a simple letter of thanks from a customer whose life has been enriched as a result of what we do. In fact a simple letter gives me more of a thrill than I used to get when I launched one of our multi-million dollar yachts.

    Besides, what I have learnt since getting into this business will probably add 20 - 30 years of quality living on to my life, with the benefits flowing on to my family and friends and as many of our customers as possible.

    Until next time, take care and avoid the dangerous 'jungle' in your neighborhood!


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