Pickled Alive?

Jed was a local hustler and alcoholic. He was friendly, easy going and always helped with light manual tasks with slightly shaky hands! A few days ago he was found swollen and curled up on the beach. Dead.

The verdict? Methyl / wood alcohol poisoning. Antifreeze and paint remover were his favourite 'tipple' and sources of methyl alcohol.

You may think “Poor Jed, but how does this relate to me? I would never consume any form of methyl alcohol”.


I suggest that you may be consuming it daily. Perhaps you even enjoy it!

You see, methyl alcohol or methanol is a main ingredient of one of the most widespread sweeteners used today: Aspartame.

If you eat or drink mainly processed fare, especially ‘diet’ or ‘low calorie’ in nature, then you are surely pickling yourself to an early grave!


Acidified by Aspartame

You are probably aware from our blog posts and other sources of the great  health dangers  of Aspartame. But you may not know that Aspartame contains at least 10% methanol.

Methanol breaks down into formaldehyde and formic acid in the body.

Formaldehyde is a known toxic carcinogen with damaging health effects like brain poisoning, retinal impairment and DNA replication prevention. Formaldehyde is what the undertaker will use to embalm you after death.

Please don't do their job before it is needed!

Formic Acid is a toxin used to remove epoxy and urethane coatings, which is definitely not a health food! Like formaldehyde, formic acid inhibits oxygen metabolism. Oxygen metabolism (circulation) is extremely necessary for a healthy brain to make correct decisions and for your heart to keep beating.

Aspartame's other 90% is phenylalanine and aspartic acid. When taken into the body without food, in the form of diet drinks for example, they are totally neurotoxic.

So whenever you consume aspartame your tissues, cells and body are slowly leaching and melting away! Yet despite these known damaging facts about Aspartame, it is still allowed. Why?

Why is Aspartame allowed?

Sadly it is the usual tale of money and politics.

By 1974, objections from the scientific community and the thousands of documents showing the dangers and poisonous makeup of aspartame, finally prompted the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to put approval of aspartame on hold.

But in 1981 a new FDA Commissioner, Dr Hayes, overruled the objections of the scientists and FDA, and approved aspartame.

As Warren pointed out in 2003, this approval was in spite of the then fully operational "Delaney amendment" which forbade the use of carcinogenic substances in or as a food additive. (That's another story, as this amendment was removed from the statute books after intense lobbying by the food industry!)

Of course, it was no coincidence that Dr Hayes was a friend of Searle, the inventor of aspartame!

In fact once Dr Hayes’ ruling took effect, he quit the FDA and he went to work with Searle for an exorbitant salary.

You don't have to go to the movies to see such things occurring. Simply read U.S. FDA's history…

Meanwhile, if you regularly drink diet sodas or eat processed diet foods ask yourself: “Do I really want to slowly but surely pickle myself alive?”

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