Running From Zombies...The Latest Exercise Trend?

    As strange as it sounds, there's no need to panic. Zombies still only exist in horror movies even if you may feel like the 'walking dead' the next time you're low on nutrients, vitamins and energy.

    Nevertheless, it seems that according to this article on the Time website, zombies have become the inspiration to help get lazy gamers and other couch potatoes off their butts and onto their feet.

    'Zombies, RUN!' is an iPhone app that puts an exercise aspect to what is essentially a zombie game. Users have to complete various audio missions by listening to clues and stories through their headphones, running around to collect supplies and ultimately avoiding brain-eating zombies.

    Because everything is audio, there's no need to look at the app, meaning you don’t have to worry about running into obstacles like the neighbor’s cat or worse...oncoming traffic. The zombies app records all sorts of data like time, speed, calories burned and total distance.

    The exercise app is proving to be rather popular with people who either haven’t exercised before or those who have hit a plateau in their training regime and would like to try something different and fun, yet still effective.

    I personally can’t see myself using this app as I prefer to run and exercise without any external distractions. I’ve got a habit of thinking too much...especially in social situations, so I try to do most of my thinking while exercising.

    Some people can’t handle the ‘mental silence’ and use music to either help motivate them through their exercise regime, or simply to get into their own headspace and mental state while exercising.

    I do however acknowledge the need for an app like ‘Zombies RUN!’ as it can give a fun twist on something that many people are unmotivated by and often dread and avoid at all costs...physical activity. Basically, if it gets more people moving, exercising and generally having fun while boosting their health, then it certainly gets my stamp of approval.

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