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Same Health Benefits, New Names

Two of our popular supplements, Viral-Protec and Cholest-Natural are changing to new names: Viral-Protec becomes Immu-Stay; and Cholest-Natural becomes Lipi-Rite.

Why the need to change?
Our supplements are made from our R&D and manufacturing base in Christchurch, New Zealand and are sold into markets right around the world. As you can imagine, every market has different rules and regulations around the way supplements can be sold and the names that can be used.
In order to make the names more consistent and acceptable in all markets, we needed to make this change.
Rest assured it's only the names that are changing
We want to assure you that it's only the names that are changing. The quality manufacturing process, the ingredients and most importantly the benefits for your health remain exactly the same.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Customer Relations team at any time.

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