Sleep Deprivation Linked to Hypertension

If you're a guy and aren't getting enough deep sleep at night, you may be increasing your risk of developing hypertension (high blood pressure). According to this article in New York Times, a study have found a link between men who aren't getting adequate amounts of deep sleep and their likelihood of developing high blood pressure.

So how much deep sleep is enough?

Well, a normal night’s sleep should consist of roughly 25 percent deep sleep. To put things into perspective, the men in the abovementioned study only got a maximum of 4 percent of deep sleep per night.

The reason why deep sleep is so important is because it’s during this stage of sleep that the brain’s electrical activity slows down…along with a person’s heart rate, adrenaline levels and yes, blood pressure.

In addition to this, during deep sleep, the different parts of your brain that release hormones and other chemicals that influence your blood pressure interact with each other and help control the ‘necessary’ drop in blood pressure when you’re sleeping like a baby.

However, if you aren’t entering this deep sleep stage long enough or often enough, this may interfere with these brain mediators and other brain signals that help manage your blood pressure.

This is why it’s so important to ensure you’re getting most from your sleep…especially deep sleep. Although there are many different reasons why some people struggle to enter deep sleep.

For some people, a lack of exercise may be one reason why they’re not getting proper sleep. Aerobic exercise has been linked to boosting brain health and emotional wellbeing…the two cerebral factors associated with getting a good night’s sleep. This article explains why.

Another key factor that may be responsible for someone struggling to fall into a deep sleep could be a lack of important nutrients in his/her diet. If your body, and ultimately your brain, is not getting the right ingredients to function properly, it’s hardly surprising that trying to get adequate amounts of deep sleep is going to be difficult.

To help ensure that you are getting these essential nutrients you could try taking supplements like Xtend-Life’s Total Balance and Omega 3 / DHA Fish Oil. To maximize bio-availability of all supplements and your food it would also be desirable to add our Digesten-K (now Kiwi-Klenz) to your daily regime as well.

These could help you get the optimal amount of the best possible ingredients for your body to not only stay healthy and help fight the five main causes of aging... but also help support your body by promoting deeper sleep without having to take drugs like sleeping pills.


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