Some interesting thoughts about Bird Flu and immunity!

    The bird flu saga goes on and fear of a pandemic continues to be promoted…but as many thinking people expected nothing really dramatic has happened other than the loss of the livelihood of tens of thousands of small farmers...and that is sad and serious!

    I know that I have written about this subject before and I know that it is hard for subscribers to be reassured by me that the risk of a pending pandemic is not as great as that which is constantly being portrayed by the popular media.

    After all…who do I think I am to reassure you about something as important as this?  I am not some Doctor or scientist with a string of letters after my name?  In fact, I admit I don’t have any letters, let alone a string of them.  Oh…I have been offered a PhD by mail order but I wasn’t prepared to pay the $100 asking price. J (No need to because I have access to a number of very qualified genuine PhD’s).  I am just someone who assesses information and applies a reasonable amount of health knowledge combined with common sense…and of course almost 60 years of personal experience.

    Having said that if you want some further food for thought about the ‘bird flu’ let me give you some information that will make you sleep easier and perhaps you won’t be coerced into going out and buying a ‘Bird Flu survival kit’

    Fact 1: 
    Billions of dollars are being spent on trying to develop new vaccines, drugs and taking other measures to protect us from the H5N1 virus in the event that it mutates and can be transmitted from Human to Human. 

    Fact 2:
    It is highly unlikely that a successful vaccine will be ‘discovered’, and then if one is, or at least they claim it is there will be inadequate time to thoroughly tests the risks associated with it.

    Fact 3:
    At the first sign of a potential ‘outbreak’, if a promising vaccine has been developed it is possible that a ‘forced vaccination’ program may be introduced.  (Resist that one!)

    Fact 4:
    The well promoted Tamiflu has proven to be ineffective against those victims who have contracted the virus.

    Fact 5:
    If you are ‘forced’ to have an as yet to be discovered vaccine, the likely risks to your health will be far greater than the risk of contracting the virus.

    Fact 6:
    The H5N1 virus was discovered decades ago and is not a new virus.

    Fact 7:
    Many birds, both domestic and migratory carry the H5N1 virus and when the virus is discovered in a ‘dead duck’ it doesn’t necessarily mean that the duck died from the virus.

    Fact 8:
    In the case of germs and viruses it is the immune health of the recipient whether it be birds, humans or any other animal that determine whether the germs or viruses become deadly.

    Fact 9:
    There is evidence to suggest that the deadliness of a virus can be multiplied exponentially if the recipient’s immune system is compromised by the presence of toxins, especially dioxin.

    There are of course many more facts that I could add to this list…but let’s stop here for a moment!

    You have probably heard in the media how the 1918 flu pandemic killed millions and how their victims didn’t fit the ‘normal’ profiles of those who die from the flu.  Instead of it taking the young and the elderly, the first to suffer from it were young men aged between 19 and 34 years of age.

    Because of this many ‘experts’ have been suggesting that having a strong immune system ‘won’t save you’ and they use the above example as evidence to support that theory? 

    That’s pretty easy to believe isn’t it?  That is until you dig down a bit deeper.  Just reflect on these facts for a moment!

    The year of the Spanish Flu was 1918.  What was going on that year?  Right…the First World War!
    What was happening in that war?  Lots of chemical warfare!  In fact, millions of pounds of it were released by all sides with millions of troops getting exposure.
    The first case of the ‘Spanish flu’ was detected at the US Navy’s Commonwealth Pier in Boston. 
    Two weeks later 2000 men at the First Naval District had the flu which quickly spread to other naval bases throughout the USA.

    OK…you may now be thinking, well these men fit the 19 – 34 year old group…but so what? 

    Well, to put that into relevance you have to know what these men were exposed to as part of their training!  I am sure that it would surprise you to know that as part of their drills to become accustomed to chemical warfare and to learn how to use their gas masks under duress that they were actually exposed to toxic gases which of course I am sure helped them learn real quick!

    When you combine that knowledge with the fact that it is now well proven that if your body is exposed to excessive amounts of toxins that the toxins will virtually destroy your immune system! These men and millions like them had significant toxin exposure during the period of the First World War, both during combat and training, and whereas these men would normally have had the strongest immune systems in the general population the evidence would now suggest that their immune systems had been seriously compromised.

    This is the reason why younger children and elderly did not suffer as severely as the above age group during the Spanish Flu pandemic.  It is NOT as the ‘experts’ argue that the flu was of a type that attacked those with healthy immune systems.

    Is there evidence of this, and does it relate to the current bird flu situation?  Absolutely!  I will explain how in the next newsletter issue and you will see how the media and ‘authorities’ are spinning a load of nonsense, either by design or ignorance.

    In good health,

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