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Something a little different!...

icolien is on a weeks vacation so I thought that I would share with you an email that came in yesterday from a customer. Apart from his comments you may like to look at my reply which gives you an idea of the direction Xtend-Life is heading.


Something a little different this week! Nicolien is on a weeks vacation so I thought that I would share with you an email that came in yesterday from a customer. Apart from his comments you may like to look at my reply which gives you an idea of the direction Xtend-Life is heading.

Oh... and by the way we have had a number of emails from subscribers about the hair loss issue raised in last weeks 'Xtend-Life-Questions'. Some of them were suggesting various other products on the market. I looked at all of them and can honestly say that the oral supplements being promoted for hair loss would not even be as effective as Total Balance... and they cost more.

If you have a hair loss problem, or breaking hair, or indeed just poor quality hair, start using Total Balance with our Omega 3 and you will notice a difference. It takes a bit of time but the effect will come.


Warren Matthews
Director Xtend-Life

Comment: From Randy Patrick
Orlando, Florida, USA

Note: This was printed with his permission and he is receives no benefits for referring other customers.

Subject: My story

I have been taking Total Balance for two months and I am very pleased with it to say the least. I have nothing spectacular to report. I just feel much better overall and that is saying something because I felt pretty darn good before I starting taking Total Balance.

I have been taking nutritional supplements since 1979. Growing up in Southern California I got a jump on the rest of the U.S. in the area of nutrition. During all these years of supplement taking I have always wondered what percent of the supplements I was ingesting were actually being utilized by my body. I always took way more than the suggested dosage on the bottle. Turns out that was probably a good thing to do in most cases.

In August of this year I decided to do some research. I wanted to start taking the best nutritional supplement available. I decided cost would not be a factor as it has been in the past. I spent many hours reading magazines, books, & searching the Internet. What I was looking for was a product that contained the highest quality of broad spectrum nutritional supplements available with the assurance that they also had a high absorption rate.

I just wanted the best. Well after all my hard work was done the decision was surprisingly easy. Xtend-Life's Total balance stood above all the others. And then the shocker! Total Balance was the least expensive of all the contenders. Wow! What a pleasant surprise that was.

By the way I wanted to mention that I talk about Total Balance so much that I have convinced 8 people to start taking it. I am averaging about one convert a week. Not bad at all and I feel better knowing that they will be healthier and happier.

And finally, do you think Xtend-Life will ever offer some Total Balance marketing tools such as coffee mugs, travel mugs & maybe t-shirts?

A sincere thank you for making such a great product,

Response: From Warren

When we receive emails like this I really get a 'buzz'. It makes all the effort we put into the development of the products worthwhile. Our sincere thanks also for referring us to your friends!

Your email reaffirms our overall business philosophy which we have worked on since the founding of Xtend-Life...which was quite simply that if we produce the best product in the world and provide it at a reasonable price then the business would grow naturally through repeat sales to customers and referrals to new customers. This is exactly what has happened and for the last 3 years we have averaged a 5% monthly compound growth.

Because we don't do any 'serious' marketing we have avoided the need for external funding and thus we don't have 'investors' pushing for the bottom line and interfering with our principles.

Our biggest challenge is to ensure that we can handle that growth with no reduction in the quality of personal customer service which we consider to be so crucial. In that regard we are putting systems into place to make sure that we never lose that personal touch.

Our objective is to continually improve all our products to make them work even better. As you know we are on our third generation Total Balance, and over the last few months we have even made some further subtle improvements but not sufficient to call it a fourth generation. However, we are working on a fourth generation Total Balance which we hope to complete by the end of next year. That will be quite amazing...

We also plan to try and increase the amount of good info on our website and eventually provide a searchable data base. We truly believe our 'mission' is to educate people what they need to do in order to live happy and healthy lives. I personally get very frustrated when I see people living a substandard life because they are unaware of how they are damaging their bodies every day.

I also get frustrated about the excessive and needless amount of money that is wasted on 'health care' which could be avoided if people knew what to do in order to maintain perfect health. That money could be put to much better use.

With regard to marketing aids that you mentioned, we don't have any plans for the items that you mentioned but we are working on a very nice color brochure. This has been prompted by us opening a regional office in Thailand where we will be applying our same Company principles. Because most of our activity will be centered around seminars as opposed to the internet we will need this material.

These brochures will be adapted for all our other customers internationally and will be freely available to those who would like them. We will also be providing DVD's of the seminars on a complimentary basis to customers.

We expect to have the brochures available by the end of February. The reason for the delay is that we are about to release two very special new products for specific common ailments. These will both be world firsts. We wish to include these products in the brochure.

Drop me a note when we announce the availability of these brochures and I will arrange to have some sent to you.

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