Statin Drugs Increasing the risk of Type 2 Diabetes

It is a bit of a change to see the mainstream media air a negative report about a blockbuster drug, let alone a statin drugs which have been the biggest 'blockbusters' of all time. But... they did!

The headlines were “Statins increase the risk of Type-2 Diabetes in Women”. It is good that the evidence is now being revealed by mainstream media (even though it has been known for some-time) that these drugs increase the risk of other diseases including diabetes. I wonder when they will start releasing some of the other negative statistics…such as the statins increase the risk of cancer.

What is not widely known is that some of the studies on statins showed that although there was some overall reduction in mortality from heart related events…in some sectors of the population (not for women) that there was an overall increase in mortality from other causes, cancer being one of them, but they were not obligated to make that knowledge public as that was an observation outside the parameters of the studies.

What is surprising in the msnbc video which you can watch by clicking here is that the woman being interviewed intends carrying on with the statin. If she was to dig deeper and question her physician in depth she would discover that the statin is doing nothing to reduce her risk of a heart event. Any benefit that a statin may give in relation to heart disease very likely comes from the drugs assisting to reduce the levels of C-Reactive Protein which is a measurement of inflammation in the body, not as a result of its cholesterol lowering properties. (Reduction of CRP can be easily achieved without the risk of side effects).

I wonder when we will see media releases letting people know that dropping cholesterol to the levels that statins do are a major factor in the increasing rates of male impotency, and overall depression in the general population…and other concerns! Low cholesterol will cause both of the two mentioned conditions. Triglycerides, and inflammation in the blood as measured by C-Reactive Protein are much better indicators of the health of your heart and circulatory system and both of these are easily helped by ingesting one of our Omega / 3 DHA Fish Oils preferably in conjunction with one of our Total Balance range.

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