Three Questions to Transform Your Health (and Life!)

As a child I had an insatiable curiosity that usually landed me in trouble! Today, I believe that the type of questions you ask yourself can help to define your life....

Asking the right questions can provide answers which lead you down the right path. Similarly, ask poor questions, and you get answers which don’t serve you well.

As an example, here are three questions I used to ask about my health and wellbeing which did not help me. Eventually, I learnt to rephrase them by removing the underlying negative assumption or criticism. The resulting benefits were dramatic. See if they may help you too......

1. I’m not sick so I must be healthy. Right?” becomes “What does enjoying robust health and wellbeing mean to Me?”

It is a sad truth that many of us don’t appreciate our bodies and health until we get really sick.

Then we spend our hard earned wealth trying to get back our health! Indeed, often too late, we realise that our good health is priceless.

I am a clear example of this.

I took my early good health for granted. I thought that as I could do what I wanted and felt OK, I was OK. Right?


That naive assumption radically changed after a shocking diagnosis of Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis 12 years ago, and cancer more recently. Then I realised how foolish I had been. Specifically, how my health and wellbeing were the most important aspect of my life. This in turn led me to ask: “What does enjoying robust health and wellbeing really mean to Me?”

I have realised that health is not just about being symptom free. Pain, inflammation and symptoms are the body’s natural response to something out of balance. Like a Warning. You need to know when that is happening and act accordingly.

Rather, health is a state of optimal wellbeing when all of me...heart, spirit, mind, body and soul are balanced and in harmony.

The challenge however, is HOW to achieve that balance!

For sure, with its focus on balanced living and supplements, Xtend-Life is a great place to start.

It’s also helpful to get clear what you want from your life and health.

As you reflect, please also consider these 2 next questions. They are key because they explain why we often ‘devalue’ ourselves and our health, and how to overcome this:

2. “Why can’t I STOP?” becomes “What is a better option for me Now?”

How many times have you asked yourself questions like “Why can’t I stop..... eating ice cream, chips, fried foods etc?” I, for example, am a chocoholic and ice cream addict. Yet, however many times I ask “Why can’t I stop?” the answers I got never helped me to stop.

Now I understand why. See it’s like this...

That kind of question won’t help you stop eating the food you’re addicted to. Rather, it will affirm the fact that you need it. You see, when you ask “Why can’t I stop?” You get answers like:

.... because it tastes sooooo good even though it may not be good for me!
… because I can’t stop...I’m addicted.
… because I’m depressed and it makes me feel better.
… because I’m bored.
… because…

All these statements, like the first question “I’m not sick or disabled so I’m fine. Right?” affirm something negative about you. In my case, these sweet indulgences allowed me to ‘escape’ from a world (and!) I didn’t like. In so doing, I felt comforted. Even though intuitively I also knew that I was damaging myself physically.

When critical illness finally forced me to confront the truth I realised that I had allowed ice cream and chocolate to control me! Imagine that....Being controlled by chocolate and ice cream! When I realised how stupid it was, I was able to reframe the question and get better results.

So a better question to ask when you’re grabbing the ice cream, chips etc is this: “Is there a better option for me right now?”

It’s a fantastic question because it allows you to think of what’s possible, not what’s wrong! When you ask for better options, your mind searches for them and gives you answers like: “Yep, there’s an apple.” Or “Sure, I can have a cup of tea.”

See how easily you can go from feeling awful about yourself and what you’re doing to being proactive and in control.

Likewise, consider this next question:

3. What have I done to be so Ill?” becomes “What can I do today to make me healthier than I was yesterday?

As shown in the above examples, we tend to focus on the negative and beat ourselves up. Subconsciously we believe and think: “Am I Worth it?” when we should think: “How Much is my good health and wellbeing Worth to Me?”

If every day you ask yourself ‘What can I do today to make me healthier than yesterday?” you will find yourself making healthier decisions naturally.

Your body has an intuitive wisdom that can shut out all the confusing ‘chatter’. It can also quieten your mind, which some call their “two-bit whore”. By this they mean that their self-justifying brain will happily absorb beliefs based on biases, ego gratification, wishful thinking, or just plain error.

The body knows better. Like the heart, it has a wisdom that the mind knows nothing of.

Just be still and really listen to what your body is saying. Then make small incremental changes.

As you experience these little ‘victories’ each day, you challenge yourself to continually improve. Choosing healthy options becomes easier and easier.

For me it took a few months to change from sugary chocolate gunk and HFC laden ice cream to dark 70%+ raw cacao chocolate and homemade ice cream. Once I intuitively knew what I wanted, I easily found the information and sources I needed to learn the healthiest options.

Ask the right questions and you too can find the healthy answers right for you.

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