To Detox Or Not To Detox

In conjunction with the use of Xtend-Life supplements I am often asked whether or not a person should detox to start off, or at any time during their health regime. Essentially, it can be said that detoxing is good for you, but experience shows us that it has to be done correctly, and precisely, otherwise it can adversely affect health, in some cases it can even end up being both addictive and consequently fatal if it is not performed correctly.


Unfortunately, many commercial companies have seen the marketing opportunities available and have put together detox programs promising a "quick fix". These are sold as detox and weight loss packages.

Most of these are not only ineffective, especially for weight loss, they can also be counter productive and some are simply not safe. The removal of toxins from the body should never be hurried or forced by "magic potions", whether they are made from herbs, pharmaceuticals or any other chemicals.

Generally speaking, proper detoxification should help the body to restore its optimal health and vitality by strengthening its natural cleansing and healing processes - nothing more.

The primary purpose of enhanced cleansing from toxins is to promote healing and recovery. Weight loss may result incidentally, but it should not be the predominant motivation. Detoxing is not a case of starving the body, although there are cases in which fasting can be very beneficial if done correctly and prolonged fasting under supervision.

When considering detoxing, first and foremost the thing to consider is...are you giving your body enough of the right ingredients in order for it to be able to detox itself?

One way we can help to achieve this is by recommending Total Balance and Omega 3/DHA - our two flagship health products. The reason behind this is because these formulas include all the main nutrients that are needed by the body to achieve full and optimal balance, and valuable precursor ingredients to encourage the body to improve its actual inbuilt detoxification processes.

Water is very important to include of course, but pure fluids means more than water, it means fluid nutrition also, so always aim to take in fresh vegetable juices too wherever possible), and don't forget plenty of regular daily exercise (within your capabilities) for oxygenation to help all bodily processes.

In most cases I recommend to take small steps to give the body time to make gradual improvements. The best detoxification program is the one that you keep up every day that becomes a routine and eventually turns into a lifetime of healthy living.

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