Use It or Lose It

Your brain is by far the most complex organ in your body. At any given time, your brain is responsible for controlling your body’s most important functions – down to the smallest detail, without you even noticing or being able to consciously control it.

In fact, the brain’s overall abilities are vastly greater than even the most powerful computers in the world. To try and get a rough understanding of how amazing your brain is consider the following:

•    It is estimated that the human brain contains 50 to 100 billion nerve cells which pass signals to each other via as many as a quadrillion synaptic connections! Stop reading for a minute and try comprehending just how many connections that is. We’ll give you an idea, it’s a figure with 15 zeros behind it. I bet your head hurts just thinking about it!

•    Everyone’s brain is largely the same yet very different to everyone else’s. Our brains are similar because they control many body functions yet they differ in various areas which influence our emotions, personalities and higher thought processes…the very things that make each one of us unique individuals!

• Your brain, like your muscles, needs exercise to stay in good working condition. Keeping it busy by performing thought-intensive activities such as puzzles, problem-solving strategies and other techniques that ‘flex your brain’ are highly recommended.

• Your health and wellbeing are dependent on the health and wellbeing of your brain. An unhealthy brain could ultimately mean the difference between life and death…

Without a healthy working brain, you’d be in serious trouble physically, mentally and emotionally.

Every year in March, there is a worldwide campaign delicated to Brain Awareness. It focuses on the global appreciation of the human brain and why it’s so important to keep it active, healthy and full of the right nutrients to help reduce the risk of degenerative brain and nervous disorders such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and dementia.

Xtend-Life Chairman, Warren Matthews says that many scientists believe that these degenerative disorders are the direct result of nutrient deficiencies and by supplementing with the right bio-active ingredients, you and your family will be laying the ideal foundation for optimal brain health and function.

“Our Total Balance range is good for basic brain health maintainance but if you’re experiencing bouts of forgetfulness or temporary lapses in memory, then it would be a good idea to get a natural ‘brain boost’ by taking one of our Neuro-Natural products in addition to Total Balance. If you’re on a tight budget, even a half dose will be beneficial,” he says. “Both ranges of products should be combined with our Omega 3 / DHA Fish Oil. Supporting information is provided on our website regarding the beneficial role played by DHA in the brain.

I firmly believe that you won’t find a better range of supplements specifically suited to optimize brain health and general wellbeing anywhere else. Finally, don’t forget to ‘exercise your brain’ by performing activities that require visualization, memory recall and concentration.”

If you’re not already using these products, then be sure to use your brain (excuse the pun) and highlight Brain Awareness Week on your calendars. This could be the perfect time to start using Xtend-Life’s natural health supplements!

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