What about the CoQ10 in Total Balance?

    Recently a customer asked “why we don’t use the Ubiquinol form of CoQ10 in our Total Balance range of supplements?” Good question.


    The Ubiquinol is too unstable to use in the Total Balance formula. When it is exposed to air it degrades very rapidly and converts to the Ubiquinone form. We can avoid this problem when we formulate our fish oils because we carry out the blending under a nitrogen blanket and the Ubiquinol is not exposed to air. As far as I know we are the only manufacturer who does this.

    It is not possible to do this when formulating the Total Balance. This is because Total Balance formulation is comprised of all powders and there are up to 85 of them. This requires a very complex blending process which can take up to a couple of hours in a special blender.

    If we were to use Ubiquinol much of it would be converted to Ubiquinone during this process, so it negates the benefit of paying almost 10 times more for the Ubiquinol.

    When we complete the development of the next generation of Total Balance we will eliminate the CoQ10 Ubiquinone as most of our customers also take our fish oil and now that we have our QH Premium CoQ10 version it is possible for everyone to get their supplies of Ubiquinol in a very economic form and with the convenience of having it combined with our Omega 3 fish oils.

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