What qualifies me to talk about health?

I thought that I would share with you a question that was put to me personally. I felt it was a valid one and put to me in good faith. In light of the article that I did earlier today about doctors being prepared to see their patient die...I thought that the timing of it was quite appropriate.

This was the question:

Hi Warren, I found your product while researching good quality multivitamin. Looking through your bio and blogs, seems to me that you didn't attend medical school or worked in this field before you started this business, but how would you have the knowledge/confidence answer people's questions regarding the healthcare issue and the medication, in an accurate and reliable way? Thanks...

My answer:

This is a valid question. I don’t actually answer questions related to medication. Questions related to possible interactions between our supplements and medications etc are answered by our Medical Nutritionist Joanna Machin, who has the qualifications and access to the appropriate databases.

Whether someone should be taking a medication or not is an area which is referred back to the person's doctor...perhaps with a few suggestions as to what the person should ask their doctor.

The area that I am involved in is that of the maintenance of good health for those people who do not have an underlying medical condition. In that regard I am probably better qualified than most doctors. This is because doctors generally have only a narrow field of knowledge based on intervention using a pharmaceutical model...which is argely failing.

I have been researching the issue of health full time for over 10 years, and have had the benefit of being associated with some of the top bio-chemists and anti-aging scientists. I have not been ‘tainted’ by biased thinking which is still so prevalent in the current medical industry. I have learnt what it takes to develop supplements that work and rely on that knowledge for the good health of my family and myself.

I am 63 years of age and my health is exceptional. If you look on the blog you will see an entry in which my recent blood tests are published. I do not take any drugs, I have no aches or pains, I have none of the usual problems of men my age, and as such am proof that what I am doing works.

I do not know of any doctor of my age that personally embraces the pharmaceutical model that is in a good a condition as myself. Although there is more to good health than just taking supplements, it is the mainstay of my program.

The article that I wrote earlier today about the NZ farmer who was destined to die by the ‘experts’ was actually saved by his son who have a lot less experience than me in this area but because of the use of common sense and an open mind, succeeded where the professionals failed.

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