Xtend-Life Releases Zupafood™ ELITE, Superfood Energy Blend to Help Defy Aging

    Xtend-Life Natural Products (Intl) Limited released Zupafood™ ELITE, a superfood product based on a special and unique blend of ingredients harvested in New Zealand, along with Collactive™ collagen, medicinal mushrooms, green tea extract, spirulina, chlorella, and other, natural ingredients.

    CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand, Dec. 11, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Today, Xtend-Life Natural Products (Intl) Limited, www.xtend-life.com/zupafood/elite, released Zupafood™ ELITE, a superfood product based on a special and unique blend of ingredients harvested in New Zealand, along with Collactive collagen, medicinal mushrooms, green tea extract, spirulina, chlorella, and other, natural ingredients, in each packet which help boost energy levels, vitality and immunity while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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    After 1.5 years of work, Xtend-Life's R & D Department created, Zupafoods, a new category of Superfoods.

    Each Zupafood ELITE packet contains a unique, specially formulated blend of ingredients harvested in New Zealand consisting of: Kiwifruit Powder, Kiwifruit Extract, Grape Seed Extract, Grape Skin Extract, Grape Juice Powder, Apple Fiber, Organic Barley Grass andOrganic Wheatgrass.

    "We started with a formula for general health, but this was not enough so we searched the world for the best ingredients possible with clinical data supporting the efficacy of each," states Warren Matthews, Xtend-Life Natural Products Founder and Chairman. "In addition to the unique blend of ingredients harvested in New Zealand, Zupafood ELITE contains Collactive™ collagen to improve the skin and medicinal mushrooms to help boost immunity, vitality and much more."

    Zupafood ELITE is convenient and responsible as it comes in easy-to-use, sealed foil-packets, without the need for thousands of environmentally-harmful plastic bottles.

    Simply add the Zupafood ELITE to any beverage, and enjoy a boost in vitality, energy and immunity without the calories of a latte. In addition to the propriety-blend of ingredients harvested in New Zealand, each packet contains:

    • Collactive™ Collagen and Elastin Polypeptides
      Enjoy smoother, softer and stronger skin. Collactive™ collagen and elastin polypeptides are derived from a marine plant source. Elastin fibers support the suppleness and elasticity of skin. Collactive™ is supported by human clinical-trials which show significant benefits to the skin in as little as 30 days.
    • Medicinal Mushrooms|
      Each serving of Zupafood ELITE contains 400 milligrams of a special, unique mushroom-blend developed especially for Xtend-Life, in conjunction with the world renowned M2 Mushrooms, which contains four of the species of mushrooms with the greatest-known health benefits.
    • Green Tea Extract
      This is a natural energizer to create a calm, yet focused, mood without the coffee-jitters.
    • Organic Spirulina and Chlorella
      Spirulina supports the immune system's healthy response. Chlorella is a natural cleanser for cells that helps with waste elimination and promotes a healthy digestive-system and mood.
    • Aquamin TG
      Aquamin TG is an exceptional, bio-available source of calcium which is extracted from a marine plant-source. Aquamin TG also contains magnesium and 74 other trace minerals including zinc, iron and selenium.

    "Unlike other products, Zupafood ELITE has 10,000 milligrams per serving packed with nutrients, of which 3,800 milligrams is the unique, New Zealand superfood blend, to specifically help improve skin, hair, mental focus, vitality, energy levels, and overall health," states Will Parker, Xtend-Life's General Manager. "We even developed a special, natural flavor derived from real fruit for Zupafoods ELITE and are releasing it in time for the busy, holiday season and start of the New Year."

    To learn more about all of the Zupafood ELITE ingredients, visithttp://www.xtend-life.com/zupafood/elite.

    About Xtend-Life Natural Products(Intl) Limited

    Founded in 2000 by New Zealander, Warren Matthews, Xtend-Life is a family-owned business with the mission to provide a foundation for strong health, a better appearance and to enhance the potential for satisfaction and the enjoyment of life. Customers receive guaranteed, exclusive formulas that are made in full compliance with applicable standards at manufacturing and distribution facilities registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and compliant with all GMP requirements for dietary supplements. Xtend-Life is a member of the Natural Products Association (NPA) and the Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3s (GOED). All ingredients are purchased from reliable sources and tested extensively to prove their potency and purity. For more information, visit www.xtend-life.com or call 1-888-487-9304.

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