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Grape Juice Powder Background and Benefits

A grape vine is any member of the Vitis genus of woody vines, although this common name often refers specifically to V. vinifera, also known as the common grape vine. This species is native to Europe and southwest Asia, but it is commercially cultivated in temperate regions throughout the world.

Grapes have many uses in winemaking, food and health supplements. Grapes may be eaten in whole form or used to make jams, jellies and raisins. Grape juice is also a popular product of grapes and may be obtained by blending or crushing grapes. It is often consumed in raw form and may also be fermented to make wine. The grape juice used in winemaking is known as “must,” which contains seven to 23 percent pulp, seeds, skins and stems.

The common grape vine has up to 10,000 varieties, although only a few of these varieties have significant commercial value. Thompson Seedless grapes are a variety of the common grape that’s typically used for table grapes and raisins. Grape juice in North America usually comes from varieties of V. labrusca, commonly known as fox grapes. Purple grape juice is the most common type of grape juice in North America, which typically comes from Concord grapes. White grape juice primarily comes from Niagara grapes.

Grape juice has been used in herbal medicine for centuries, especially in the Mediterranean region. Resveratrol is a natural phenol concentrated in grape skins that has strong antioxidant properties. Grape juice is also high in organic acids, vitamins and minerals. Grape juice is typically dried into powder form to concentrate these nutrients when used in health supplements.

Oxifend® Grape Juice Powder

Oxifend® Grape Juice Powder is manufactured by New Zealand Extracts Limited from Sauvignon Blanc grapes, which are typically used to make white wine. These grapes are grown in the Marlborough Region, which is New Zealand’s premier grape-growing region.

The grapes used to make Oxifend® Grape Juice Powder are grown in a sustainable manner, and the juice comes from the secondary pressing of the grapes. The juice is centrifuged and filtered to remove solid materials, and then dried to concentrate the nutrients. Additional components are added to the grape juice powder, which is then milled to blend the components together.

Oxifend® Grape Juice Powder is a free-flowing powder such that 95 percent of the powder passes through a 1.5mm mesh. It has a fawny brown color that must meet a specified standard. It has a generally sweet taste with a slight astringent flavor. This grape juice powder has a light aromatic odor. Oxifend® Grape Juice Powder contains less than three parts per million of arsenic, cadmium and lead. It has a shelf life of two years.

Uses of Grape Juice Powder

The antioxidant effects of grape juice powder come primarily from resveratrol and flavonoids. The health benefits of these effects include the management of healthy cholesterol levels and blood clotting as well as support for cognitive functions and the aging process.

Cognitive support

Phenols such as resveratrol can help to maintain cognitive functions, especially if you’re older.

Healthy cholesterol level management

Grape juice powder contains saponins that may help to manage cholesterol levels by binding to it before the body can absorb the cholesterol. Saponins may also help to manage inflammatory conditions in the blood vessels.

Aging support

The antioxidant effects of flavonoids may help to limit the damage caused by free radicals, which often cause aging effects.

Clotting management

Resveratrol may help to manage blood clotting by inhibiting the aggregation of platelets. It may also help to maintain normal arterial function.

Signs You May Need Grape Juice Powder

The most significant signs that you may need grape juice powder affect the cardiovascular system. They primarily include an unhealthy cholesterol profile and constricted blood vessels. Conditions that increase the risk of blood clots and arterial damage may also benefit from grape juice powder. Additional reasons to take grape juice powder include a decline in cognitive function, especially if you’re older. Aging effects in other areas like the skin may also mean that you need grape juice powder.

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