Health Benefits And Uses Of Yucca

Health Benefits And Uses Of Yucca

Support for Heart Health

Yucca Background and Benefits

Yucca is a genus of at least 40 plants that are native to hot, arid regions of the American continents. The species Yucca schidigera originates from deserts in the southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico, and is known by common names such as Spanish Dagger and Mojave yucca. This species grows best in areas with full sun and good drainage, and doesn’t require water during the summer.

Yucca schidigera grows to a height of 16 feet and has bayonet-shaped leaves that grow to a length of six feet with a width of four inches. The flowers are generally white, although they may have a purple tinge. These flowers are up to two inches in length and grow in tight clusters. The fruit is an elongated berry, which may grow to a length of four inches. The fruit and seeds of Yucca schideigera are both edible.

Various parts of Yucca schidigera have a long history of use in folk medicine among Native Americans. Common traditional uses of this yucca plant include support for occasional headaches, joint function and hair health. The uses of Yucca schidigera in modern herbal medicine include support for heart health and joint function. The primary active ingredients in yucca extracts are a class of chemicals called saponins, which form a soap-like foam in water.

Uses of Yucca

Yucca schidigera extract is typically used to manage healthy cholesterol levels. Other common uses of this plant extract include helping support healthy circulation and joint health.

Healthy cholesterol management

Oral supplements containing yucca extract may be useful in supporting a healthy cholesterol profile, especially when it is combined with exercise and a low-fat diet. Some extracts used for this purpose also contain quillaia, which is the inner bark of the soapbox tree.

Circulation support

Yucca extract is often taken orally to support healthy circulation. This use of yucca is often used with diet and exercise for best results.

Joint support

The additional oral uses of yucca extract include support in coping with joint conditions, including discomfort, immobility.

Signs You May Need Yucca

The most common sign that yucca extract may benefit you is chronic discomfort and immobility of your joints. Skin lesions may also indicate that topical applications of this supplement may help you. Other problems that may show a need for yucca extract include occasional headaches and poor digestion. Some people who need extra support for healthy gallbladder, kidney and liver function may also find that yucca extract may be helpful.

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