Xtend-Life is a specialty, research-based manufacturer in New Zealand developing unique supplements & skincare

In today's fast-paced life, it can be challenging to obtain all the necessary nutrients. Factors such as stress, exercise, caffeine, alcohol, and pollution further amplify the body's need for nutrients. Our Core Wellness Men's line serves as the cornerstone of your overall well-being. Tailored specifically for men, these supplements naturally promote testosterone levels and prostate health, while also bolstering immunity, energy, and vitality.

These products have been meticulously designed to function synergistically, providing targeted nourishment to cells, supporting circulation, and improving digestion. Amidst a hectic lifestyle, they serve as your reliable source of essential nutrients. Our premium Core Wellness supplements, namely Total Balance, Omega-3 Fish Oil, and Kiwi-Klenz, contain a diverse range of nutrients that exert distinct effects during digestion. Each supplement utilizes a unique delivery system, ensuring efficient breakdown and absorption precisely where they are most needed.

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