Men's Hormonal Support

An efficient hormonal 'cascade' is critical for good health

Most men are aware of the critical role that hormones play in a woman’s life but are often unaware of how crucial they are for men too.

If your testosterone is down you may lose some of your energy, your strength and sexual drive. But, testosterone is only one part of a very complex equation. For example, prolonged periods of stress will raise your cortisol levels which in turn plays havoc not only with your other hormones but also other critical functions in your body such as cholesterol and even levels of inflammation.

Hormones also have an impact on a man’s prostate health, hair loss and more. If the thyroid is out of balance this could result in the inability to lose weight, or, even contribute to gaining weight.

If you are deficient in HGH (human growth hormone) you may experience accelerated aging…and so the list goes on.

Topping up hormones?

It is possible for men as with women to ‘top up’ their hormones using bio-identical hormones, BUT, this should never be done without first establishing via clinical tests if a deficiency is present. Even then it should be done with caution and in moderation as there is a risk that externally administered hormones could contribute to a ‘slowing down’ of your own hormone production.

The best solution is to do all you can naturally to stimulate your own hormone production. Regular exercise (particularly weight bearing exercise) can help along with a good diet. Professional supplementation will also help.

Xtend-Life has several products that help naturally stimulate your own hormonal production. 

Total Balance Men’s (either standard or premium versions) contains ingredients to help support a healthy prostate and assist in maintaining healthy testosterone levels by also including Chrysin which is an estrogen inhibitor. So often a man’s low testosterone is not due to lack of making it but due to it being converted to estrogen.

Male Rejuvenator, which can be taken either alone or with Total Balance Men’s, contains additional natural ingredients designed to stimulate the production of testosterone. Prostate-Support also provides hormonal support and that can be taken either alone or as an adjunct to either of the other two products.


This option is suitable for men of any age in good health who have no particular hormonal issues at this time and wish to sustain the status quo.


Product Dosage
Total Balance Men's 4 Tabs/Day (1 Bottle/30 Days)
Total Balance Men’s Premium 7 Tabs/Day (2 Bottles/30 Days)

Option 2

If you wish to give your testosterone an additional boost you can add the Male Rejuvenator to option 1.

Option 3

Although both versions of Total Balance Men’s do contain ingredients that may have a positive impact on reducing the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, some men may need a further boost in which case you can add Prostate-Support to your regime either in the normal dose or even a half dose. If taken alone the dose can be doubled.

*Any Xtend-Life supplement can be combined with any other including specialty supplements to give an added ‘boost’ if required.

Men's Hormonal Support Products

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