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Good sexual health is crucial in not only sustaining a sense of well-being but also for overall health, especially of the prostate.

As we age, many men notice a decrease in libido or experience issues like erectile dysfunction. While there is a range of male enhancement products that can help address these concerns, it’s important to treat the cause of the problem as well as the symptoms. For example, erectile dysfunction can be an early sign of a cardiovascular problem, so it’s important not to ignore it. If you experience erectile dysfunction, make an appointment with your doctor to check the status of your cardiovascular system.

There are also other physical (such as hormonal), psychological and emotional issues that can affect your sexual health. Maintaining your energy levels and cardiovascular health by sleeping well and exercising regularly, looking after your hormonal health, eating well and caring for your emotional health will all benefit your sexual health.

At Xtend-Life we believe that there is rarely a single cause of dysfunction in any part of the body and any manifestation of a ‘condition’ tends to be a culmination of a range of factors. Many of these dysfunctions are brought about by nutrient deficiencies. Any form of sexual dysfunction is no different. For effective treatment, you need to support the overall health of the body as well as take specialised men's vitality supplements.

This is the principle on which the following options are based.

Option 1

For men with no specific sexual issues who want to do what they can to keep it that way at minimal cost.

Product Dosage
Total Balance Men's Standard 4 Tabs/Day (1 Bottle/30 Days)
Omega 3 DHA Fish Oil

2 Soft Gels/Day (1 Bottle/30 Days)

Option 2

For men 40+ seeking an extra health boost and to support healthy testosterone production we suggest this combinations as the best men's vitality supplement.

Product Dosage
Total Balance Men's Premium 7 Tabs/Day (2 Bottles/30 Days)
Omega 3 QH Ultra 2-4 Soft Gels/Day (1-2 Bottles/30 Days)
Male Rejuvenator 3-6 Soft Gels/Day (1-2 Bottles/30 Days)


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