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Sexual and hormonal health are two items that are very much linked to each other. Hormonal health plays a significant role in sexual health for both men and women, but the nutrients that women and men need for hormonal health are quite different.

We have approached this category in two ways:

First Way:

By incorporating speciality nutrients into our Total Balance products. Each of the four gender-specific Total Balance products contains nutrients specifically targeted at men and women. The quantity of these speciality ingredients is the same for both the Standard and Premium versions of Total Balance…approx one tablet.

The advantage of incorporating these ingredients with all the other ingredients is that they are synergistic. The co-factors help with the efficacy of the gender-specific ingredients, which support hormonal health in women and men and specifically address prostate health in men.

Second Way:

For those customers who are not taking Total Balance, we have developed an additional three products which can either be 'standalone' or taken in addition to Total Balance as a 'booster' either short term or long term, as they are compatible.

One of these products, Hormone-Support for Her, focuses on supporting women to reduce the adverse effects of menopause. It can also be helpful for PMS. The Male Rejuvenator was primarily designed to support the health of the prostate against common male ailments. Many customers report that they find it positively impacts their libido. Our Prostate Support product is specific to supporting men who have issues with night-time visits to the bathroom.

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