Company Ownership

The Xtend-Life Group

Xtend-Life Holdings Ltd owns all of the other companies in the Xtend-Life group. There are three subsidiaries, as detailed below. Xtend-Life Holdings is fully owned and controlled by Trusts which are fully controlled by Xtend-Life's founders. The subsidiary companies are:



Warren Matthews is the Founder and Chairman. He is also a Director of all of the companies in the Xtend-Life group. Kane Matthews is the Channel Manager and also a Director of Xtend-Life Holdings, Xtend-Life Natural Products and Natural Products (NZ).


Being family owned, none of the companies are controlled by venture capitalists, banks or corporate shareholders who put profits before customers.


Our corporate philosophy is simple:


“Always put the best interests of our customers before profits and never compromise on quality. Steady growth and reasonable profits automatically follow”.


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