The Xtend-Life Club

The Xtend-Life Club

The Xtend-Life Club is designed to boost your journey to better health. You’ll receive members-only discounts and free shipping on orders* but also access to free health advice through our newsletters, live chat and Customer Care team.

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  • 10% off all orders
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  • Free shipping* on orders
  • Free support from our Customer Care team
  • Access to our live chat for instant answers to your questions 
  • 365-day money-back guarantee

Our Auto-Ship (automated order processing) and Flexi-Ship (no obligation order reminder) services make re-ordering easy and painless**. 

*Shipping is free on orders over a certain threshold. For more information view our Shipping Information page.
**You can opt-out or change your shipping option at any time.

Want to set up regular deliveries 
so you never run out?
Need just a convenient 
no-obligation reminder?
Auto-Ship Flexi-Ship

Simplify your life with an Auto-Ship subscription. Your favorite products are automatically delivered according to your schedule, so you’ll never run out. One less thing to think about in your busy life! We’ll email you a reminder before each delivery and you can change or cancel anytime.

Flexi-Ship allows you to set no-obligation reminders for re-ordering. You set the frequency and we'll send a re-order email that you can approve and process with a couple of clicks. Nothing gets sent without your approval and you can change or cancel anytime.

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